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Jan 11th, 2014 14:12pm
 Orrin: Sinking Atlantis

Dystopian head-fuck

18-year-old New York rapper Orrin presents his new album Nocturnal - A fucked-up concept LP Orrin describes as - "my interpretation of the night and it's influence on the creation process. 'Nocturnal' describes a relationship which never reaches culmination" 

In this track - Sinking Atlantis - he reaches the stark point of choked desolation, his spoken poetic drawl wallows over the doom-laden beats and intricate percussion of dripping water, clicks and bleeps. Before this, opening track Shark Fin he meets this girl, in a haze of smoke and warped atmospherics, settting the nocturnal landscape for Orrin's laconic delivery. Blue Lights describes a moment when he sees this female yet again at a party, but through the commotion they don't communicate, merely observe. 

On Rain Orrin freestyles over The XX's Angels as he fantasies about traveling the world with this girl, completely consumed and intoxicated. Deeper, Insomnia and Counting Sheep writhe with texture and psychedelic meanderings, he's losing sleep, he can't stop thinking about this lady, his dreams warp into bleakness and hallucinations. Finally ending with Water, the distorted hiss and smoke, clipping beats and darkness of a stark reality - his acceptance of his own fate in this dystopian head-fuck.

Download the LP here. Audiomack - SoundCloud

Production from Motel XXX, BK Brown, E M P T, DAILON, muramic and Dpat.

Via:Dunn Deal PR

Categories: Hip Hop
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