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Jun 30th, 2010 01:06am

Loving the vibe of this, very chilled summer groove to soundtrack the current heatwave. A little sunshine soaked disco-reggae beat and a choir of soul divas sounds just perfect, just add your own sunshine. Belgium duo Aeroplane's brand new single is out this week on Wall of Sound.

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Categories: Chill, Electronic, House
Jun 29th, 2010 01:04am

Much hype for this band has circulated around the various music blogs since break through track Crown On The Ground surfaced at the end of last year. So Sleigh Bells release their debut LP Treats to much anticipation. For most of this record vocalist Alexis Krauss' sweet pop vocals are surrounded by chaotic noise of scuzzy guitars and distorted beats by the other half of the duo Derek Miller. The track here, Rill Rill is quite a clear clean cut track that stands out from the rest, not because it's any better than other tracks, it's just that the majority of tunes are full-on distorted sound bombs. Sampling Can You Get To That from Funkadelic's Maggot Brain, Rill Rill is almost like an interlude of calm in the middle. Treats is a very exciting new sound that is sure to divide music heads and casual listeners. The closest you get is a cross between Crystal Castles and the Ting Tings. RECOMMENDED

Like this? Try: Crystal Castles, Yacht, HEALTH, My Bloody Valentine

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Categories: Alternative, Leftfield
Jun 27th, 2010 22:15pm

Very excited about the forthcoming album from NYC's !!! (aka Chk Chk Chk), due out on the 23 August. Their debut LP Louden Up is still undoubtably one of neoloop's favourite albums ever. The indie funkers signature sound is all over this new track, but with a touch of Chemical Brothers in there. !!! recorded part of the new album in Berlin and were influenced by Brian Eno apparently, sounds interesting. Produced by Eric Broucek (LCD Soundsystem, Hercules and Love Affair) Frontman Nic Offer said - There's these really dark moments in the record, and there's really some of the poppiest stuff we've ever done. Each record, we're always trying to get deeper and darker and funkier and catchier, and it feels further along that road. Can't wait to hear it!

Official Site

Categories: Alternative, Funk
Jun 27th, 2010 15:08pm

Based in Los Angeles, Ariel Pink (born Ariel Marcus Rosenberg 1978) has made loads of self produced lo-fi tunes over the years, now he's put together a proper band and recorded new album Before Today for a large independent label (4AD) and is enjoying all the increased attention such a leap provides. The result is still as ramshackle and glorious, reminiscent of the Beck's classic Odelay LP. This is the stand out track and first single, mastered at Abby Road no less.

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Categories: Alternative
Jun 27th, 2010 14:43pm

This tune is like an old Beck song in term of production and the Eric Enger remix transforms the track into a quirky pop sound. Elsinore is an indie band from Champaign, Illinois currently signed to Parasol Records. They have released one studio album, one live album, and three EPs. Their second album, Yes Yes Yes will be released on August 10th, 2010. This remix is from the Chemicals EP.

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Categories: Alternative, Pop
Jun 27th, 2010 14:40pm

Could you be, could you be loved!

Probably the maddest version of a Bob Marley tune your ever likely to hear. It's like Major Lazor jamming with LCD Soundsystem at the house of Balkan Beat Box. Taken from Mungolian Jetset's 2009 album - We Gave It All Away...And Now We Are Taking It Back. Mungolian Masterplan is dark and insidious, evolving to produce increasingly distinctive yet completely mind-absorbing beats to underpin a whirling vortex of sonic chaos, psychoacoustic bass warping and lavish and unbridled costumery.

Mungolian Jet Set are Paul "Strangefruit" Nyhus, Knut Sævik, Reidar Skår and feature various collaborations from other artists.

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Categories: Electronic, Psychedelic
Jun 24th, 2010 23:10pm

Found this cool laid back tune on MySpace from Rio Blanco, a nice dreamy-pop vibe and reminds me a bit of Miike Snow, Rio Blanco is an alias of Zach Lipkins who has made some great music under his own name too. Unsigned at present but punting his own stuff out on the net on free downloads.

Bands place in MySpace, and here

Jun 24th, 2010 22:21pm

Uber cool Swedish band, Miike Snow have made a cool video for this new track The Rabbit from a special deluxe edition of the band’s debut album which will also feature remixes of their previous singles Silvia and Black & Blue plus a Mark Ronson remix of Animal which is on neoloop here. Watch the video it's quite funny, directed by Andreas Nilsson, it looks more like a Major Lazor video. Cracking track too!

Official Miike snow site

Categories: Dreamy Alt-Pop, Pop
Jun 13th, 2010 15:27pm

Tame Impala's follow up the wonderful self titled EP with the LP InnerSpeaker, This is another psychedelic slab of stoner rock. Love the melody of this track, it's got a bit of old Kyuss vibes going on there. All the Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin influences are turned up to 11 with added lush harmonies. Good retro style summer soundtrack.

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Categories: Psychedelic, Rock
Jun 10th, 2010 00:07am

Leon Thomas is a real cult hero nowadays, this is one of his biggest tunes and an absolute epic! The percussion is outstanding. This track appears on the Blues And The Soulful Truth LP, and also on his anthology collection. Thomas is known for his work with Pharoah Sanders, particularly the 1969 classic song The Creator Has a Master Plan from Sanders' Karma album, well worth checking out. Thomas has a most distinctive vocal style, he often breaks out into yodeling in the middle of a vocal. Mad as a box of frogs and truly unique, sadly no longer with us, he died in 1999 from heart failure, I'm sure he shaped his mind to die.

Categories: Jazz, Psychedelic
Jun 10th, 2010 00:05am

I'm still completely captivated by this album from The Black Keys, Neoloop featured the first track to be released from their 7th LP Brothers back in March. This track is my new favourite, and while the Danger Mouse produced song has a more polished sound, the rest of the album contains the rough edged production they are accustomed to. Dan Auerbach heavy whiskey soaked croon is as good as ever, and all the heavy blues monster riffs are aplenty. Brothers is self produced by the Black Keys and mixed by Tchad Blake who mixed the Blakroc album and includes a cover of the Jerry Butler classic Never Gonna Give You Up. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Like This? Try: Blakroc, Dan Auerbach, RL Burnside

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Categories: Blues, Rock
Jun 9th, 2010 00:04am

Loving this new mash up of La Roux by Major Lazor (as recommended by @ablackcanvas) specially this track, giving it a real skanking. There is a complete album's worth of remakes available on the Mad Decent website, download the whole mixtape for free - Lazorproof.

The Major Lazer braintrust (Diplo & Switch) put this mixtape together for La Roux while working on new material in Jamaica. It features a bunch of JA-inspired blends, special remixes, dubplates and more, it's all crazy shit! Recommended!

Mad Decent website


Categories: Hip Hop, Reggae, Remix
Jun 6th, 2010 14:46pm

Perfect for some summer BBQ is this slab of funky brass from New Orlean's finest. Sexual Healing never sounded so different, I think Marvin would have approved. The members of the Hot 8 were all born and raised in New Orleans; many of them began playing together in high school. In 1995 they came together and began playing traditional New Orleans brass band music professionally. The band are playing live in London this month on 25 at the Scala.

More stuff on the bands record label here, Bands place in MySpace, Buy on iTunes

Categories: Funk, Nu-jazz