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Dec 16th, 2010 00:41am

A touching torch song, this Burial co-produced tune is amazing. Jamie Woon's croon is haunting but soulful and caresses Burials dark beats. The production on this tune is incredible, listening on headphones the sound completely captivating. There are many remixes around now which, if heard alone still sound fresh and amazing, specially Ramadanman and Deadboy remixes. But I still come back to the original version as the definitive, it's the only version that keeps all the good bits, and that's all of it. Tune of the year contender, highly recommended.

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Categories: Dubstep
Dec 15th, 2010 01:27am

Greatest Hits is the new LP from dOP (the Parisian trio of Clement , Dam, and JAW) and it's a new album not a greatest hits collection. 3 Suitcases is all stripped down beats and croaky vocals swaggering around an old smokey jazz club, sounds like a young Tom Waits getting a contemporary make-over. The rest of the LP is a bit of a grower, but right now this tune is where it's at.

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Categories: Electronic
Dec 15th, 2010 00:56am

A happy little tropical tune from Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm of Tanlines, O Seizing The Day O, featuring vocals from the frontman for fellow NYC band, The Rapture’s Luke Jenner. The track is taken from the duo's compilation album, Volume On, which features all their early EPs alongside remixes from Memory Tapes amongst others plus bonus material never heard before.

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Categories: Alternative
Dec 15th, 2010 00:28am

A nice dubbed out version of Steve Mason's Boys Outside. Andy Weatherall minces it through the echo chamber to create a completely new track that still retains to soul of the original. The original version is the title track of Mason's album that came out back in May 2010. Epic dub, love it!

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Categories: Dub
Dec 12th, 2010 23:39pm

Last October it was revealed that the Daft Punk pair, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, will appear in the film as well as having recorded its score.

The follow up to the 1982 film, which will see the return of original star and Oscar winner Jeff Bridges, is scheduled for release in the UK on December 17.

It's an amazing score to what promises to be pretty cool movie. Daft Punk the French dance music pioneers are the perfect choice by Disney to soundtrack this new sequel. Don't expect it to sound like a new Daft Punk album for club charts. This is a soundtrack made with a full orchestra with epic results. Mixing in the techno beats and syth's with acid squelches here and there. Like Giorgio Moroder collaborating with Vangelis, Daft Punk take the Sci-Fi soundtrack to the next level. If you like Blade runner your gonna love it. Recommended.

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