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Aug 9th, 2014 19:33pm

Get over it

Getting plenty of well deserved hype, Royal Blood sound like all my old favourite rock bands, you can hear Kyuss and Fu Manchu in there. Because they are a duo, the heavy blues influence will keep them getting compared to The Black Keys, but I think they are pretty far apart from that and make their own sound. Good to hear they resided from Brighton too.

Rock 'n' Roll!

I like the illustrations on their sleeves too...

Categories: Alternative, Blues, Rock
May 6th, 2013 06:49am

Neomix Volume Two

Finally after so many people bugging me, I've put together another mixtape in the Neoloop series Neomix (I guess I can call it a series now there is a second volume!). Volume Two is as eclectic as the first and covers all the stuff we love on Neoloop.


Tracklisting is as follows:

  • 1. Get Free: Major Laser
  • 2. Why: Carly Simon
  • 3. On and On (Ruined by Rick Rubin): Justice
  • 4. Big Love: Matthew E. White
  • 5. Without You: Behling
  • 6. I Walk This Earth: King Biscuit Time
  • 7. I'm on Fire (Cousin Cole's Bad Desire Remix): Bruce Springsteen
  • 8. Hamjam (Tofu Mix): The Soul Session
  • 9. Social Studies (Plastic Plates Remix): Body Language
  • 10. So Good At Being In Trouble: Unknown Mortal Orchestra
  • 11. Big Shot: Dr.John
  • 12. Bombay: El Guincho
  • 13. Tear Club: Moullinex
  • 14. Chip Off The Old Block: Chic
  • 15. Destiny: John Talabot
  • 16. Le Grand Sommeil: Ginger Ale
  • 17. Get Lucky: Daft Punk
  • 18. Utopia: Footprintz
  • 19. Juicy Onion: Brusco
  • 20. Benediction: Hot Natured & Ali Love
  • 21. Bourgie Bourgie: John Davis & The Monster Orchestra
  • 22. Inspector Norse: Todd Terje
  • 23. Lost: Frank Ocean
  • 24. Sea: Roosevelt
  • 25. Done and Over It: Marie Madelenine
  • 26. Goblin City (Holy Ghost Remix): Panthers
  • 27. Island: The Whitest Boy Alive
  • 28. La La La: Snoop Lion
  • 29. Fashion Killa: A$AP Rockey
  • 30. Perfidia: Phyllis Dillon
  • 31. The Baddest Man Alive: The Black Keys
  • 32. Blue Skies: Willie Nelson



Jan 27th, 2013 21:01pm

A winter warmer

I've been listening to Willy Mason's latest LP Carry On loads, it's a real grower with a variety of styles from the singer songwriter. Pickup Truck was my first favourite track, rocking a bluesy riff with a hip-hop beat. It's Mason's third album, produced by Dan Carey, The New Yorker released Carry On in UK last month (Yet to be released in the US.). His gravelly tones are what sets him apart from the average singer songwriter, set to bluesy sensibilities the album is an easy listen that tells a story and brings in glitchy sonics and drum machines. The dub beats of Restless Fugitive are hypnotic and the bongo beats on the lament of Shadows in the Dark are sublime. It appears that the work of Dan Carey (MIA, Hot Chip, Kyle) has added to Mason's folky sound to broaden the textures and beef out the beats. Willy's not completely new to this of course after his guest vocal on The Chemical Brothers Battle Scars in 2007, a great track (Also worth checking out the Beyond the Wizards Sleeve Remix). I strongly advise giving Carry On a spin and find the perfect album to keep you warm during winter. Highly Recommended

More info on Willy Mason Click Here

But it in iTunes click Here


Categories: Blues, Easy Listening, Folk
Oct 15th, 2012 22:12pm

Iron Fists

RZA unleashes the opening track for his upcoming The Man With The Iron Fists soundtrack. 

The Baddest Man Alive is a collaboration between RZA and The Black Keys, and it's a badass slab of rock, up there with the best tracks from the Blakroc album, The Black Keys previous venture into Rock/Hip-Hop crossover.

Aside from The Black Keys, The Man With the Iron Fists soundtrack also features new compositions by Kanye West, Ghostface Killah, Pusha T, Raekwon, Wu-Tang Clan and Talib Kweli, as well as RZA collaboration Flatbush Zombies. The soundtrack hits officially on October 23rd, while the film lands in theaters at the start of November. 

The film stars Russell Crowe, Cung Le, Lucy Liu, Byron Mann, RZA, Rick Yune, David Bautista, and Jamie Chung. RZA‘s takes on his directorial debut.

Oct 2nd, 2012 22:51pm

A walk on the psychedelic side

Following Dr.John's new LP Locked Down I've been listening to some of his earlier recordings. This track is taken from his debut album - Gris-Gris by Dr. John the night tripper (aka Mac Rebennack) released on Atco Records in 1968.

Dr. John was always fascinated with New Orleans voodoo and Gris-Gris is an interesting hybrid of New Orleans rhythm and blues and psychedelic rock, but failed to chart on it's original release. The LP, which includes the Doc's classic tune Mama Roux has since received the plaudits it deserves. I Walk On Guilded Splinters was also covered in the 1970s by Humble Pie on their album Performance Rockin' the Fillmore, and by Paul Weller on his 1995 album Stanley Road.

Buy it on iTunes here

Categories: Blues, Leftfield, Psychedelic
Sep 30th, 2012 20:50pm

Psychedelic Voodoo Chills

Fans of The Black Keys will undoubtably enjoy Dr. John's latest album, Locked Down. Dr. John has been there done that, making his own brand of music for nearly 50 years, now into his seventies he's made another prolific LP, yet another revival of his unique blend of psychedelic voodoo blues, soul and jazz. No coincidence then that this LP is produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys. Auerbach is not weighted down by nostalgic paths into the Doctors past success, instead we get the big blues riffs, jagged guitars and dirty production we are used to with The Black Keys. Considering Dr.John is a major influence on the Keys it's good to hear his sound has been enhanced by Dan Auerbach's contribution. A big shot contender for album of the year lists I highly recommend Locked Down.

Buy it on iTunes

Categories: Blues, Jazz, Rock, Soul
Dec 29th, 2011 21:41pm

The Black Keys - El Camino

Ten years and seven albums down the line The Black Keys latest long player strikes solid gold. Out last month El Camino has rarely left my speakers or headphones since. It's another pummeling throb of retro-blues-rock-stomp of course, but having Brian Burton (AKA Danger Mouse) back to co-produce and co-write the entire album The Keys are primed and aimed for the mainstream. I can highly recommend all the previous 6 albums, the early LP's are naturally rough and raw with grimy rhythm and blues. The last three, Magic Potion, Attack & Release and the breakthrough Brothers have been edging towards big arena domination the world over. 

All El Camino's songs are written and composed by Singer/guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer/producer Patrick Carney and Brian Burton. In contrast to some of the slower, quieter tracks from Brothers, the songs on El Camino are more uptempo and riff-driven. It has been said that during the tour for Brothers, Dan and Patrick realised that many of Brothers songs were too slow to translate to a live setting, which led them to write more uptempo material for El Camino. Carney said, "This record stemmed from that, the fact that it's easier for our songs to come across well live if they are fast. So we were just trying to make a guitar rock album that was more upbeat than anything we've ever recorded"

So we find ourselves with one hell of a heavy slab of rock here, first single Lonely boy kicks off the album in full throttle with a Duane Eddy 50's rock foundation before it absolutely bulldozes into the next track Dead and Gone with a new found fury. The sound then goes head first into this track Gold on the Ceiling, which sounds like T-Rex jamming in a dirty strip club. All glam-nasty rock and big bombastic choruses with plenty of Bolan Boogie. Little Black Submarines slows things down to a blues ballad, until two minutes in that is, then it bursts into a distorted Tom Petty-esque riff. The last three but one tracks are sure fire crowd pleasers from Hell of a Season, a big arena-rocking tune, to the shimmy shimmy pomp of Stop Stop and the standout track Nova Baby which will have the crowd singing in unison with their hands in the air.

The Black Keys are determined to reinvigorate rock’n’roll from the roots up and with El Camino they are succeeding. The best rock record of 2011 Highly Recommended.


Oct 23rd, 2011 23:35pm

Same Kind of bad as me!

Tom Waits is one of those artists that stands alone, you either get it or you don't. A consistent performer he knows no boundaries and does what the fuck he likes.

It's been seven years since Real Gone, Tom Waits's last album of new material. Since then there's been the collection of rare and unreleased songs - Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards to fill the gap. But now he's back with a brand new album, Bad As Me. A predominantly heavy blues sound, Waits is in fine form yet again. An unrepentant onslaught of clattering drums, ramshackle brass and dirty guitars one minute and tender blues ballads the next all with a sinister undertone throughout. Waits fan will lap it up. The Title track here is another classic.

Tom's official site

Categories: Blues, Leftfield
Jun 10th, 2010 00:05am

I'm still completely captivated by this album from The Black Keys, Neoloop featured the first track to be released from their 7th LP Brothers back in March. This track is my new favourite, and while the Danger Mouse produced song has a more polished sound, the rest of the album contains the rough edged production they are accustomed to. Dan Auerbach heavy whiskey soaked croon is as good as ever, and all the heavy blues monster riffs are aplenty. Brothers is self produced by the Black Keys and mixed by Tchad Blake who mixed the Blakroc album and includes a cover of the Jerry Butler classic Never Gonna Give You Up. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Like This? Try: Blakroc, Dan Auerbach, RL Burnside

Bands place in MySpace, Buy this superb album on iTunes

Categories: Blues, Rock
Mar 25th, 2010 01:15am

Absolutely loving this new track from the mighty Black Keys, whistles in with a light air before Patrick Carney’s drum beat comes banging in and Dan Auerbach heavy whiskey soaked croon and you think it's business as usual, but this has more polished sound to the previous raw edged production courtesy of Mr. Danger Mouse. But fear not the the heavy blues riffage is all there and the track just builds and builds into a Black keys monster the key changes bring a new psychedelic edge pulled through an echo chamber with maximum effect, glorious! 

Taken from their forthcoming album Brothers set for release 18 May, with just this track produced by Danger Mouse it will be interesting to hear how the rest of the album sounds. It's self produced by the Black Keys and mixed by Tchad Blake who mixed the Blakroc album and includes a cover of the Jerry Butler classic Never Gonna Give You Up.

Like This? Try: Blakroc, Dan Auerbach, Broken Bells

Bands place in MySpace, Check The Black Keys back catalogue on iTunes

Jan 20th, 2010 00:01am

Did you feel that rumble, did you hear that sound!

Following Gil Scott-Heron's return to the recording studio I've been prompted to have a dig in the old crates for some old gems. Not a main stream tune, Shut 'Um Down is from the album 1980 released that year, it's all upbeat funk and soul with Gil's protest messages. This is a call to shut down all the nuclear power stations. Gotta work for earth for what it's worth 'cause it's the only earth we've got, shut 'um down! It's from the vinyl, so there's a few pops and crackles in there.

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Gil's official site, Get all Gil's old albums on iTunes


Categories: Blues, Funk, Soul
Jan 17th, 2010 21:28pm

Me and the Devil walking side by side...

After a lengthy hiatus the legendary Gil Scott-Heron returns in 2010 with a new album entitled I'm New Here. Gil has already made an outstanding contribution to music with his prolific period during the late sixties and early seventies. He is cited as an influence on countless hip hop vocalists and producers, the groundbreaking The Revolution Will Not Be Televised remains one the greatest songs of all time. This new tune is full of man who has lived a very colourful life, in 2001, Gil was sentenced to one to three years' imprisonment in New York State for possession of cocaine. Into his sixties now his voice is one of maturity soaked in alcohol and expression of experience. Haunted beats, glitches and dark sound effects rattle along like Burial conducting a New Orleans funeral march. It's like the blues have been re-invented for a new decade, Gils first new album in thirteen years is released next month on XL Recordings produced by Richard Russell, one for the fans, and for the uninitiated. The video is suitably dark and arresting too. Big up to @bigtwix for heads up.

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Categories: Blues, Electronic, Leftfield, Soul
Dec 20th, 2009 01:44am

A last minute contender for album of the year, out this week. BlakRoc are basically The Black Keys with a load of guest rappers. It's hard to pull out one stand out track as this changes with every listen. Mos Def and Jim Jones feature on this tune, which I think really picks out the Black Keys style and could have appeared on Attack & Release without the rap. A superb album highly recommended.

Official site, Buy the album on iTunes

Categories: Blues, Hip Hop
Jun 30th, 2009 01:27am

Hard Rock in Hyde park last weekend, I went on the Saturday, headlining act was the godfather of grunge Neil Young. A great performance from the main man, but I the act that really blew me away was Seasick Steve.

This track is from the album 'I Started Out With Nothin And I Still Got Most Of It Left' - Thunderbird (about the wine) is a big crowd pleaser! Mad as a box of frogs but you can't help tapping your foot to this one.

Steven Gene Wold, commonly known as Seasick Steve, (born circa 1941) is an American bluesman, although he prefers to be called "a song and dance man". Steve said: Hobos are people who move around looking for work, tramps are people who move around but don't look for work, and bums are people who don't move and don't work. I've been all three.

Buy it - iTunes

Official Site seasicksteve.com


Categories: Bluegrass, Blues, Raw
Jun 3rd, 2009 00:50am

These guys churn out heavier riffs than a sack of full of spanners! Low down dirty blues for modern times. Music don't get any more raw than this shit, it grinds away with gritted teeth to a solid groove of the lord! This track is taken from their fourth album, 'Magic Potion', released September 2006 in the UK. I strongly recommend all their albums, especially 'Magic Potion' and 'Attack and Release'.

The Black Keys first came to my attention when their song 'When the Lights Go Out' was featured on the soundtrack to Samuel L. Jackson's 2007 film Black Snake Moan.

American blues-rock music duo, vocalist/guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer/producer Patrick Carney. Formed in Akron, Ohio in 2001.

Buy it on iTunes

Official site theblackkeys.com

Categories: Blues, Raw, Rock