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Jul 26th, 2012 23:30pm

Heavy Kick-ass Chicks

Saw this band at Hard Rock Calling in Hyde Park London, playing the small tent. Walked in grabbed a beer and these two rock chicks came on stage. 'We're from LA and we're playing in Hyde Park London which is pretty amazing' (or words to that effect) Basically they kick arse Live and I was very impressed how much noise two girls can make, they are without doubt the female version of The Black Keys crossed with The White Stripes and a bit of classic Kyuss thrown in.

Singing guitarist Lindsey Troy has a hell of voice and heavy blues rock riffs spilling out of her guitar with a smack in the gut and Drummer Julie Edwards is mesmerising. This tune sounds amazing live, just add packed dirty sweaty club for full effect. What's not to like!


Categories: Raw, Rock
Jul 26th, 2012 23:10pm

Dark Night

Flying Lotus latest offering in the weekly Adult Swim Singles Series. Between Friends, which features Earl Sweatshirt and Captain Murphy. Has a very Doom vibe, lazy beats and dark slick raps.

FlyLo's new full-length, Until the Quiet Comes, is out October. Bring it on, can't wait.

Categories: Electronic, Hip Hop
Jul 23rd, 2012 23:33pm

Rastafarian Reincarnation

Snoop Dogg has been renamed Snoop Lion for his debut reggae album. This is first tune to materialise today from forthcoming LP Reincarnation. La La La produced by Major Lazer and features guest vocals by Jovi Rockwell. Snoop and Diplo borrow heavily from old school rock steady tune Artie Bella, from Ken Boothe and Stranger Cole’s circa 1960′s version. Last heard on Major Lazer's Lazerproof the mash-up of La Roux's debut LP. Snoop's no Ken booth, but with Diplo's dancehall posse Major Lazer behind him it's defo a winner.

Categories: Dancehall, Reggae
Jul 14th, 2012 18:56pm

Magnum Opus

Frank Ocean released his eagerly anticipated major label debut this week. channel ORANGE takes Ocean into the mainstream on his own merits, showcasing his unique silky electro-soul. Previous notable collaborations with Jay-Z and Kanye West on the excellent Watch the Throne put the spotlight on Ocean's superb Nostalgia-Ultra (Official Mixtape).

The New Orleans-born RnB singer was relatively unknown as a member of the Odd Future collective. So now with channel ORANGE Ocean has arrived in ultra-smooth style, following the epic Pyramids that materialised a few weeks ago Ocean has made an intriguing album that shifts in different directions with dazzling effect. Hip-Hop and Nu-Soul works synonymously with eccentric electro and psychedelic R’n’B grooves. This track Lost has hooked me in straight away, sounding like a young Prince. Ocean's innovative and adventurous approach to music hasn't sounded so good since the musical bravura of prime early-70s Stevie Wonder. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Jul 11th, 2012 00:38am

Yppah (pronounced ‘yippah’)

Yppah's third album has been a steady grower over the last few months, I first stumbled apron it's eclectic charms back in April and while it's certainly not an instant grabber, persistent listening bears many fruits. Predominately instrumental with the vocals blending in as instruments, often fast rhythm's have an air of tranquility, creating atmospheric sounds with an overwhelming sense of playfulness. Lead track Film Burn is spectacular, Anomie Belle's vocal meanders through delicate synths, broken beats and soaring strings like Endtroducing... era DJ Shadow combining with the Cocteau Twins. Happy to See you shines with chiming guitars and R. Mullen is overwhelming anthemic with a Stone Roses sense of groove. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, beautifully uplifting music to escape to during rainy days in London.

Love a moody cloud cover too...

Buy it on iTunes



Jul 10th, 2012 23:25pm


Los Angeles band Ghost Loft have been causing a few waves with their own brand of R&B and cool lazy beats. Early comparisons with The Weeknd mixed with the XX are not far from the truth and quite the complementary mix. This track - Seconds - possesses a baseline straight out of Jamie XX's bag. Loving all their tunes especially this and another song called Blow. Definitely one to watch! Nice seductive black and white artwork completes the package.

Visit the bands official site here ghostloft.com

Get more tracks on ghostloft.bandcamp.com


Categories: Alternative, Chill, R'n'B
Jul 7th, 2012 20:15pm


Banging mix from A-Trak elevates Justice's New Lands into a dance floor monster. Keeping all that we love about Justice and their squelchy electro sound, A-Trak has beefed up the original album version from the french duos second LP Audio, Video, Disco. This mix is from Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay's New Lands EP.

Buy here on iTunes

Categories: Electronic
Jul 7th, 2012 19:52pm

It's your Fang!

Brooklyn indie-rockers Fang Island will release Major, the follow-up to their self-titled 2010 album later this month. Asunder was the first new tune to materialise from the their widely anticipated second LP.

I love the chaotic arrangements and the thumping beats, the band are high-fiving all the way through this, looking forward to full album.

More news on this band here.

Pre-order on iTunes here.


Categories: Alternative, Rock