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Jul 29th, 2011 01:34am

Lion In Cages is one of the great stand-out tracks from Wolf Gang's new album - Suego Faults, Memory Tapes Remix give the track laid-back spaced out feel and sounds like it came straight from their own LP Player Piano. Bringing the backing vocals to the front and sounds exactly what you want from a remix, a new track. Is it better than the original?, no probably not but it's completely different. It's Cool!

Categories: Alternative, Pop, Remix
Jul 29th, 2011 01:18am

Some nice late night dub for you, this bounces along with the sweetest beat. Loving the Liquid Stranger - obliterates the boundaries separating dubstep, grime, dub, breaks, hip hop and outernational crunkadelica. No less!

Bombaclaad Star appears on the new Liquid Stranger album The Arcane Terrain. You can get the full album over on band camp here.

Categories: Dub, Reggae
Jul 29th, 2011 01:03am

This is a real nice slow groove from Nicolas Jaar that I found on Stephane Pompougnac's Day & Night mix. It's got an old seventies soundtrack vibe going on with a deep house groove mixed up with cool bongos and a great vocal. It's been around for well over a year but I still love this kind of stuff. It came out as a B-side to Time For Us at the beginning of last year.

Categories: House
Jul 25th, 2011 01:08am

I thought I was strong feel like my sense has gone

DJ and producer Maya Jane Coles is hot property at the moment and I just love this moody bass chill-out from the 24 year old Londoner. MJC’s sultry vocals draw you into the hypnotic groove. She takes on house, techno and pop all with solid sensibilities of a quality sound, last month she dropped Focus Now, another EP on London’s 2020Vision label, this tune is the stand out track and I just can't get enough of it. MJC has also just remixed Little Dragon, check it out over on her official site.

Categories: Chill, Electronic
Jul 25th, 2011 00:23am

Music Takes Me Up

Nice to hear Mr. Scruff back to his funky best on this B-side to Wobble Control, long time collaborator Alice Russell takes up the the vocal duties and Nickodemus & Zeb are on the remix giving it an acid warp wash. Plenty of wobbling bass on this, turn it up and feel the vibe. Alice sounds great too.

Categories: Electronic, Funk
Jul 25th, 2011 00:10am

Orchestral Pop!

Wolf Gang's debut album is out tomorrow, this tune is all over the radio waves, The King and All of his Men is a great indie-pop summer sing-a-long full of sunny tunefulness. Wolf Gang is the singer, songwriter one-man band of 24-year-old Max McElligott, produced by Dave Fridmann who also produced MGMT of which similarities can be heard all over Wolf Gang. McElligott is an accomplished writer of orchestral pop and sounds way to mature for a debut. Expect big things for this band I've a feeling they will go far.

Check out the official site of Wolf Gang

Categories: Alternative, Pop
Jul 24th, 2011 18:08pm

R.I.P Amy Whinehouse

A tragic loss for music.

Jul 23rd, 2011 20:04pm

A Summer Riot!

Deep house grooves from Behling, enough to brighten up your pool party while basking in the heat. Released as part of the EP A Summer Riot on Future Boogie Recordings. I first heard this in Behling's Slow House 3 mix a couple of months ago. Good to hear the full version here. Just add blue sky and your favourite cocktail.

Categories: House
Jul 23rd, 2011 01:30am

The first feel good hit of the summer!

From Zach Condon's Beirut project. A Rip Tide is due out at the end of August and is some of Beirut’s first new songs since the EP March Of The Zapotec. Their second LP A Flying Club Cup is now a firm all-time favourite, so any new material from Zach Condon is very exciting! Recorded last winter in New York Beirut have come a long way since the debut The Gulag Orkestar LP and Lon Gisland EP. But somehow Condon has always retained a certain unique sound that comes from his rotary valve flugelhorn and ukulele.

All the hallmarks of the Beirut sound are here, the Balkan brass, French accordions and Mexican influences but overall this is much more poppy affair, this is good news as Condon certainly knows how to write a compelling riff and a catchy chorus. Listening to this album just makes me smile, it's uplifting and transcends you off into a happy place.

The mellow A Candle's Fire starts off this short LP (just over 33 minutes) in style, the instruments build throughout and creates that full and satisfying sound we've come to expect. We are then treated to the album's first epic moment in Santa Fe, Condon's home town, a hypnotic synth loop captivates you from the start, listen to it here. Next up is the first single release East Harlem, a gentle accordion intro is snapped up into a choppy acoustic rhythm with lush flourishes of brass horns, just superb. We take in some more somber moments with Goshen and Payne's Bay. The title track The Rip Tide is another bona fide winner, at the centre of the album it holds it all together, Codon's voice is spot on. Vagabond sounds like a left over track from Yann Tiersen's soundtrack to Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain with Condon adding his unique twist. Just beautiful. The record finishes with the stripped back The Peacock and Port of Call a marching band beat and a mandolin riff. What emerges is a style that belongs uniquely and distinctly to Beirut, one that has actually been there all along.

Condon has formed his own label Pompeii Records, the singer will now take direct control of the release and distribution of his music. Beirut will be touring the UK in September with a night at Briton Academy on the 16th. A Rip Tide is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Official Site

Categories: Acoustic, Alternative, Folk
Jul 19th, 2011 00:28am

Float away to this

A nice little bit electronica from Air Drops, taken from EP which is the title of a new 7 track EP from Air drops. Sounding a little Daft Punk here, reminiscent of the Tron soundtrack. This will probably fall in to the Chillwave set.

Available from bandcamp for $0.99 here.

Categories: Chillwave, Electronic
Jul 19th, 2011 00:13am

Sometimes you find a bootleg that shouldn't work that just does. Kings of Leon's Sex is on Fire was getting so overplayed a couple of years ago it just became annoying, time for a bootleg make-over then. This mash-up by Al Fingers takes the the Sex is on Fire vocal and lays it over an old skool 80's soul classic, Mtume's Juicy Fruit. Check some more of Al's remixes at alfingers.com

Hear the original Juicy Fruit below...

Categories: Remix, Soul
Jul 19th, 2011 00:09am

I'll be your lollypop you can lick me everywhere!

Juicy Fruit is another soul classic from back in the day, 1983. It's a staple hip hop sample, Common, Warren G, Notorious B.I.G, Keyshia Cole, Faith Evans, J-Lo, Mariah Carey and Alicia Keys have all borrowed the beat from it. The rolling beat is a classic written by James Mtume and released as the lead-off single from Mtume's sixth album, also titled Juicy Fruit. Perfect late night groovin.

Categories: Soul
Jul 8th, 2011 23:45pm

A Major Choon!

Major Lazer gives The Beastie Boys a dancehall make-over with the usual quality results. In a combination that includes 3 Neoloop favourites The Beastie Boys, Sanigold and Major Lazer.

Lazer's pounding drums gives the track a new lease of life, and the original is already a major highlight from The Beasties latest long player, Hot Sauce Committee Part 2. Get your dancehall on and groove to this banger.

Categories: Hip Hop, Reggae
Jul 5th, 2011 23:48pm

Do you remember the good old days before the ghost town?

We danced and sang and the music played in the boom town!

In 1981, Britain was in a state of crisis: the government was as unpopular as any since the war, unemployment was rampant and riots were breaking out across the country. Into this turbulent mix, The Specials released their doom-laden, highly political single, Ghost Town

Britain's streets ignited. Between 3 and 11 July, serious rioting broke out across the country at Handsworth in Birmingham, Toxteth in Liverpool, Southall in London, and Moss Side in Manchester, while Bedford, Bristol, Edinburgh, Gloucester, Halifax, Leeds, Leicester, Southampton and Wolverhampton all witnessed unrest.

By the evening of 10 July, Ghost Town was a number one single.

With a mix of black and white members, The Specials, too, encapsulated Britain's burgeoning multiculturalism. The band's 2 Tone record label gave its name to a genre which fused ska, reggae and new wave and, in turn, inspired a crisply attired youth movement. Rude boys.

Now this landmark song is 30 years old this week, and although the current political landscape has changed the message is still the same. A True Classic, enjoy the full 12" version here.


Categories: SKA
Jul 5th, 2011 00:13am

Well Fucked up!

Epic and Punk are not two words you would normally use in the same sentence. Enter Fucked Up a punk band that have made epic-punk! It gets pretty heavy clocking in at 78 minutes, both captivating rock opera and relentless assault of loud riffage that grooves like a bastard. First single off it A Little Death gives you a pretty good flavour of what to expect.

It's a stunning record in it's entirety and forms a complex plot - The story of David Comes to Life is about a factory worker called David Eliade who falls in love with a woman named Veronica Boisson and together they conspire to build a bomb. There's few guest vocalists sprinkled into the mix, Cults' Madeline Follin and singer/songwriter Jennifer Castle representing the characters Veronica and Vivian - the story is largely told by the band's screaming frontman, Damien Abraham. It's a complex LP but if you devote the time to it and give it good few listens you will reap the rewards - It really is Fucked Up!

David Comes to Life is out now!

Categories: Leftfield, Punk
Jul 4th, 2011 23:31pm

Watch me dance now watch me dance!

Toddla T and Roots Manuva team up for big fat slice of funk. This is magic Manuva doing what he does best. This version is from Toddla T and is a straight-up dancefloor banger, Roots has also released his version of the same song which is tad more hip hop and adds further verses. Both versions are stella tunes.

Watch Me Dance is the first track to surface from Roots Manuva's forthcoming 17 track studio album 4everevolution. Due to drop in September. Big Dada say It covers just about every style from the Manuva canon and invents a few new ones, too.

Toddla's second album Watch Me Dance is release on Ninja Tune on August 22 and features previous collaborator Roots Manuva, fellow DJ, producer and remixer Skream, Ms Dynamite, Ross Orton, Wayne Marshall, Donaeo, Roisin Murphy and of course Shola Ama.

Categories: Funk, Hip Hop
Jul 3rd, 2011 21:22pm

Such a hurricane trapped in my soul and I can't explain!

London's SBTRKT album drops this week. Full of solid tunes, SBTRKT (real name Aaron Jerome) tries out lots of different styles and succeeds most of the time on his eponymous debut. Your probably already familiar with hit tune Wildfire, a collaboration with Little Dragon. But that's not the strongest song on here, Pharaohs is outstanding featuring the blindingly impermeable vocals of Roses Gabor. There will be the inevitable James Blake comparisons with guest vocalist Sampha almost identical soulful croon on the haunting Trial of the Past and Hold On. And sounding more up beat on Something Goes Right. But overall this is much more of an up-beat record than the somber minimalism of Blake. It's full of energy mixing up dubstep, drum & bass, garage, funk and soul, R'n'B and nuances of Chicago House with a killer pop sensibility. Instrumental Ready Set Loop is fully charged with intricate skipping rhythms, as is the uplifting Never Never and features another highlight vocal performance from Sampha. Right Thing To Do feat. Jessie Ware is another outstanding tune. Do not let this one pass you by, go get it! Highly Recommended.

Buy it on iTunes, sbtrkt.com

Categories: Dubstep, Electronic, House, Pop, Soul