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Feb 21st, 2012 01:24am

A world of discovery

Here we have our first big contender for album of the year status. Barcelona's John Talabot releases his first album, ƒIN and it's a stunner! Talabot takes on many different styles on this record and weaves them together seamlessly with confident grace. Bursting with a rainbow of colours, intricate textures and deep atmospherics that delve in and out of deep house, disco, and indie pop with shades of tropical lushness and Balearic beauty.

Quiet and loud, dreamy haze and pulsating beats. There are so many moods on this LP and that's what makes it so interesting, I discover something new with every listen and the more you listen the more it opens up. Destiny a co-production with Madrid's Pional is an outstanding house tune that's sounds as good on headphone as on the dancefloor. Pional turns up again for the album closer So Will Be Now, another house track that leaves you wanting more. Outstanding and Highly Recommended.

Buy it on iTunes, John's place in MySpace

Like this? Try: SBTRKT, Delorean, Caribou, Boards of Canada, Matias Aguayo, Nicolas Jaar

Feb 19th, 2012 23:16pm

Attack On Memory

Attack On Memory is the third studio album from Ohio's Cloud Nothings released at the end of last month. Wasted Days is the 2nd track in and is a monster 9 minutes of rock 'n' roll, simultaneously taking in punk, psychedelic rock and grunge - meandering into a disoriented mass of noise. Lead singer Dylan Baldi's Kurt Cobain comparisons are inevitable and much of this record sounds like Bleach era Nirvana. And it's recorded by In Utero producer Steve Albini. Albini's previous production work for the likes of Nirvana, The Stooges, Pixies, The Jesus Lizard are all thrown into the mix.

Attack On Memory is out now and highly recommended. Buy on iTunes

Categories: Alternative
Feb 19th, 2012 22:29pm

It's bigger than me and it's bigger than you!

Following the posting of Whitney's last track below, here's the tune that it was sampled from. Loleatta Holloway who died early last year recorded We're Getting Stronger (the Longer We Stay Together) back in 1973 and is a bonafide disco classic, taken from her debut album Loleatta. The American singer was mainly known for her other big disco hits such as Hit and Run (also from her debut) and Love Sensation, both of which have been sampled extensively as well.

Black Box's No.1 best selling single of 1989 - Ride On Time samples heavily from Love Sensation. Her vocals were originally used without credit, but she successfully sued the band and received an undisclosed share of the royalties. She also sang on Relight My Fire by Dan Hartman. I love what Alicia Keys and Whitney Houston done with this song, but the original still holds a class of it own. Holloway was a powerhouse of a singer and will remain one of the most respected divas of her generation.

Buy the album on iTunes, a classic from start to finish.

Categories: Disco, Soul
Feb 12th, 2012 23:06pm

R.I.P Whitney

LOS ANGELES - Whitney Houston, who ruled as pop music's queen until her majestic voice and regal image were ravaged by drug use, erratic behaviour and a tumultuous marriage to singer Bobby Brown, died on Saturday 11 February 2012. She was 48. She leaves an outstanding contribution to music spread over many years, she recorded seven studio albums, four compilations, and three soundtrack albums, as well as fifty-three singles.

Million Dollar Bill is the last song performed by Whitney, from her 2009, seventh and last studio album - I Look to You which samples R&B singer Loleatta Holloway's We're Getting Stronger from Holloway's 1976 debut LP. It was written by Grammy-award winning singer-songwriter Alicia Keys. A great song to end on. R.I.P Whitney.


Categories: Pop, R'n'B
Feb 12th, 2012 21:57pm

Euphoric delight

Another tune from New York’s SVIIB - First single Lafaye the central track from four coming LP Ghostory. The tale of a young girl named Lafaye and the ghosts that surround her life. Glacial and uplifting melodic progressions support Alejandra Deheza's gorgeous vocals that melt away your troubles with a euphoric delight. "Everyone has ghosts", says Alejandra; "They're every love you've ever had, every hurt, every betrayal, every heartbreak. They follow you, stay with you." The familiar ethereal and enigmatic tones are omnipresent, surrounded by layers of influences from '80s pop, shoegaze and ambient electronic sounds.

Official Site

Categories: Electronic, Pop
Feb 12th, 2012 21:29pm

Everyone has ghosts

Been giving School of Seven Bells a listen in anticipation of their third LP Ghostory due at the end of the month. Big fans of this Brooklyn band at neoloop, Loved the debut Alpinisms in 2008 and the follow-up Disconnect from Desire was a classic in 2010. School Of Seven Bells formed in 2006 as a trio and have slowly earned a selective following. Now a duo: guitarist/producer Benjamin Curtis and vocalist Alejandra Deheza, they have grown in style and sophistication with every album. The Night surfaced at the end of last year as taste of what we could expect from Ghostory.

Bands place in MySpace Official Site

Categories: Electronic, Pop
Feb 12th, 2012 15:14pm


Sumach Valentine's Gonjasufi follows up his 2010 release A Sufi and a Killer, the album he cut in collaboration Gaslamp Killer with a new mini-album MU.ZZ.LE. This time out he's producing by himself. We still have the same ramshackle dubbed-out beats and off kilter noises that was endearing on the last record. All mashed through the blender with plenty of distortion and feedback, Valentine's reverbed vocals sound as cracked and crazed as ever. Psychedelic soul and rock clamber along together as they twist and twine into complex loops and rhythms. Slow and heavy dub beats swagger with an intense mood like Lee stratch Perry jamming with Captain Beefheart and Tom Waits. Sumach's wife April joins for a couple of tracks adding another texture of sweetness against Valentine's wails.

Nikels and Dimes kicks in with a looping bass drum and kid laughing, ethereal organs pierce through the think atmosphere backing up Valentine's heartfelt vocalizations. A short LP at under 25 minutes but none less rewarding for the persistent listener. 

Official Site, Buy it on iTunes

Categories: Lo-Fi, Psychedelic, Soul
Feb 5th, 2012 23:53pm

Hypnotic Groover

Love this remix of French duo Justice's excellent On'n'On by legendary producer, co-founder of Def Jam records and the current head of Columbia records Rick Rubin. Rick strips it back and adds a solid looping baseline, cowbells and speeds up the original transforming the track into a hypnotic groover. Original track is taken form the bands Audio, Video, Disco album from last year. They are over in the UK touring in April!

Cracking cover art too...

Feb 5th, 2012 23:51pm

Stunning lost track

SBTRKT posted a previously unreleased tune on Soundcloud, Atomic Peace. He originally played it on a guest mix DJ Mary Anne Hobbs show. The track samples Múm's Flow Not So Fast Old Mountain Radio, from the Icelandic glitch-pop outfit's 2001 compilation Please Smile My Nose Bleed. It's a nice light and airy chilled out electronic tune to ease you into a new day. Perhaps an outtake from his debut, it's a worthy extension.

Categories: Chill, Electronic
Feb 5th, 2012 23:39pm

French electronic duo Air have scored a recolored, remastered version of Georges Méliès’ 1902 cinematic landmark Le Voyage Dans La Lune. This track from the new soundtrack that Air have created is suitably retro-futuristic. It's a kind of past relative of Daft Punk's Tron soundtrack. Psychedelic instrumental Sonic Armada features synth heavy cosmic-psych-rock sound that is somewhat of a departure to Air's usual sexy French bachelor-pad music. Another track on this spaced-out soundtrack Seven Stars features vocals from Beach House’s Victoria Legrand.

The album come out tomorrow on iTunes.

Categories: Electronic, Psychedelic