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Mar 31st, 2015 00:04am

So Hot!

Serious Mexican-Americano shit going on here, what’s not to love. Fuzzy trumpet riffs buzz over Mariachi band brass and spaceship landing cosmic goings on. Mad as a box of frogs and features Spanish singer Amparo Sanchez.

Taken from Calexico's new LP Edge Of The Sun. And it’s a scorcher!

Categories: Alternative, Leftfield
Mar 8th, 2015 20:16pm

You Got It

Love this ramshackle sound of Marian Hill’s music, Got it certainly has Got it! A hypnotic glitch-beat collides with mad jazzy trumpets and Hills’s sultry croon. Appears on the new Kitsuné comilation LP New Faces II. Top draw!

Categories: Leftfield
Mar 8th, 2015 19:41pm

Ibeyi’s eponymous debut

Ibeyi - French/Cuban twins Naomi and Lisa-Kaindé Díaz debut is causing a stir, main down to the originality of their music. They have a organic sound that crossed genres without thinking about it. You can pick-out the influences with a fine tooth comb but they weave a fascinating thread of discovery.

Often bared down to the simplest of arrangements leaving no slack of unnecessary sound and leaves everything to breath in space. This is the full fat. Ghosts is a spiritual delight of glorious harmonies. Buy the LP now.

Recent Mixtape EE-BEY-EE is worth a spin too - Click Here

Buy Ibeyi’s debut on iTunes

Categories: Alternative, Folk, Leftfield, Soul
Nov 30th, 2014 23:08pm

Pom Pom

The eccentric Ariel Pink back with another cacophony of madcap songs, Pom Pom is receiving rave reviews among the left-field blogs and review sites. It is undoubtably a very required taste to even entertain listening to this record, but repeat listens will throw-up all kinds of feelings. In parts it’s a real challenge in the same way you might approach Captain Beefheart or Frank Zappa. All in one go feels like an epic film on fast forward, it’s melting pot of styles and genres that at it’s best is pure genius.

Not Enough Violence pounds to a marching beat with melodic cascading synths and all kinds of weird noises. Shiny happy moments arrive in the short pop ditty Put Your Number in My Phone. One Summer Night sounds like Sebastian Tellier in a fairground. Goth Bomb is the albums Spinal Tap moment, completely OTT rock, Negativ Ed is more of the same but faster, boarding on cartoon thrash. Jell-O sounds like a fucked-up TV commercial before we get to this track here, Black Ballerina which gives us welcome respite with a hip hop beat and disco synths, usual strange lyrics and a monologue of a young Billy going to an LA strip club. The whole thing has a mashed up eighties vide, finishing with Dayzed Inn Daydreams, a straight up folk song with a big finish!

Categories: Alternative, Leftfield
Oct 15th, 2014 23:22pm


Richard D. James new Aphex Twin LP, a new studio album, 13 years since Drukqs.

As per Aphex Twin’s extensive and momentous discography SYRO is a brand new challenge of obscure compositions. Opening with minipops 67 [120.2] [source field mix] it’s clear we are going on a long journey into the original and unknown.

A master at work.

Categories: Electronic, Leftfield
Aug 3rd, 2014 19:11pm

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Yes, a little late watching this movie, but it was the soundtrack that first caught my ear and prompted me to watch it. The first track that I heard was Daylight Express to Lutz - Alexandre Desplat, the melody evokes those classic soundtracks to Jean-Pierre Jeunet movies like Delicatessen, Amélie and The City of Lost Children. Like those films The Grand Budapest Hotel soundtrack carries an overarching melody that takes on the many moods of the film. On Daylight Express to Lutz it’s at it most jolly and significant. Following his work on previous Wes Anderson pictures (Moonrise Kingdom, Fantastic Mr. Fox), The Grand Budapest Hotel is largely scored by the prolific Alexandre Desplat. 

Desplat is probably better known for his soundtracks for mainstream films such as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, The Twilight Saga, Kings Speech, Godzilla etc. But if you dig a little deeper into his discography you find it’s brimming with delightful obscurities - Coco avant Chanel, Girl With a Pearl Earring, Argo and Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium all have those quirky little gems peppered throughout.

The film follows the adventures of Gustave H, a legendary concierge at a famous Hungarian hotel between the first and second World Wars, and Zero Moustafa, the lobby boy who becomes his most trusted friend.

After seeing the film to which a soundtrack accompanies it’s always an entirely different experience knowing what visuals the soundtrack is portraying. Mr. Moustafa is another highlight, and sounds great even if you haven’t seen the character himself in action. Desplat also drops in a couple of old pieces by Osipov State Russian Folk Orchestra & Vitaly Gnutov to magnificent effect. The Society of the Crossed Keys is a rousing drum piece, while Canto At Gabelmeister's Peak revisits the Daylight Express to Lutz melody again with added choir arrangements. Cleared of All Charges is just beautiful, followed by The Mystical Union it rounds off a unique soundtrack before the closing credits featuring Kamarinskaya and Traditional Arrangement: "Moonshine”.

The film and it’s soundtrack is highly recommended.

Aug 2nd, 2014 17:43pm

Beach Diggin' again

Guts and Mambo are back with the second insulation of Beach Diggin’ - Vol.2 carries on where Vol.1 left off with an eclectic array of hard-to-find rarities and guilty pleasures. This track kicks off the proceedings with a funky pop loop and Mavis John’s sultry voice. Try stopping your foot tapping to this one!

Dancehall vibes on Hey Mister by Althea Forrest & Togetherness, Folky bossa soul on Amor a Tres by Celeste, funk and disco continues from Lee Alfred and the Hamilton Brothers respectively. Soulful jazz in the shape of Fou De Toi by Bajy & Electrical Haitian Orchestra. Sonya Spence brings it back to a laid back disco vibe before we go off in a reggae tangent with East of Handsworth by Linton Haugton. Moody Leftfield-pop from Letta Mbulu then slides into tropical percussionists The Lain Langley Group on Amazon Trail, this flows nicely into Osmar Milito’s organ led calypso sound, we then mellow right out with Kalalou, a jazz instrumental by Mushi & Lakansyel. Finishing off with Marsha Wilson’s Love Is Gonna Get You.

I’ve not heard any of these tracks before, so it’s a credit to Guts for digging’ deep and unearthing this great collections of gems. See you at the beach.

Buy it on iTunes now, you need it.

Aug 2nd, 2014 14:51pm

Still Hunting

An old track from 2011, Soft Rocks eclectic LP The Curse Of Soft Rocks is an album I consistently come back to for a fix of downtempo left-field originality. We Hunt Buffalo Now is one of the many highlight of the record co-written and performed by Jorge Socarras he sounds more than a little bit David Byrnes. There is also a good remix of this tune by Andrew Weatherall.

And has a great cover design by Mario Hugo.

Categories: Leftfield
Apr 20th, 2014 13:29pm

The Feast of the Broken Heart

New York's Hercules & love Affair come storming back with a new LP The Feast of the Broken Heart, and it's out May 26 via Moshi Moshi. This tune Liberty features the unmistakable vocal of John Grant, Andy Butler has this uncanny knack of bringing in obscure vocal talents to feature on his signature brand of dirty beat house and disco blends.

Following in the footsteps of Antony Hegarty the surreal voice of Grant sounds amazing out of context of his own material. Grant also features other tracks along with Krystle Warren, Rouge Mary and Gustaph.

It's all unashamedly in yer face, welcome back!

Categories: Electronic, Leftfield
Mar 23rd, 2014 12:45pm

Psychotic Love

Bass heavy laden EP Psychotic Love from Blue Daisy is an incredible set of tunes. From the opening title track, an industrial gothic trance from the dark corners of nowhere, to Cries of the Beast, a kind of fucked-up melting pot of middle-eastern snake-charmers buzz to raved-up sonics and scary vocals. Devils Pie adds light with a female vocal over a doomed sound of heavy synths, the EP closes with this track, an R'n'B workout played through a fruit-machine and a soulful vocal from Barnaby

Out Now on iTunes

Categories: Electronic, Leftfield
Mar 23rd, 2014 11:56am


This track has been getting a lot of airing lately, Connan Mockasin's Caramel LP was a sleeper hit from last year, released in November. I'm the Man, That Will Find You seems to be popping up more and more on various compilation albums. Mockasin's trembling pitch-shifting voice is one of those vocal performances that you either get or you don't. But he's completely unique and the musical structure behind the wobbly weirdo is nothing short of genius. The sophomore LP Caramel, recorded in a Tokyo hotel room is hit and miss but worth checking out for the moments of magic from the New Zealander. 

Categories: Leftfield, Pop
Jan 1st, 2014 19:42pm

These are the top 30 LPs that rock our world last year. 

  1. Daft Punk - Random Access Memories
  2. The Limiñanas - Costa Blanca
  3. Kanye West - Yeezus
  4. Footprintz - Escape Yourself
  5. Matthew E. White - Big Inner
  6. Empire Of The Sun - Ice On The Dune
  7. Saâda Bonaire - Saâda Bonaire
  8. Unknown Mortal Orchestra - II
  9. Arcade Fire - Reflektor
  10. Bonobo - The North Borders
  11. Devendra Banhart - Mala
  12. Forest Swords - Engravings
  13. Daniel Avery - Drone Logic
  14. John Grant - Pale Green Ghosts
  15. Bill Callahan - Dream River
  16. Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the City
  17. Washed Out - Paracosm
  18. DJ Koze - Amygdala
  19. Blood Orange - Cupid Deluxe
  20. Boards of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest
  21. Foxygen - We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors Of Peace & Magic
  22. My Bloody Valentine - mbv
  23. Taragana Pyjarama - Nothing Hype
  24. Jon Hopkins - Immunity
  25. Earl Sweatshirt - Doris
  26. Darkside - Psychic
  27. Deafheaven - Sunbather
  28. M.I.A - Matangi
  29. Proviant Audio - Drift Days & Disco Nights
  30. Classixx - Hanging Garden
Blog entries for each album are in the right column for reviews and sample tracks.


Dec 30th, 2013 18:57pm

Still got inch for heavenly glass?

bEEdEEgEE is a spin off band from Brian DeGraw's New York avant-electronic outfit Gang Gang Dance. This time around he recruits guest vocals from CSS's Lovefoxx, fellow Gang Gang Dance bandmate Lizzi Bougatsos, Douglas Armour and Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor. The LP's called Sum/One, out now.

Like Rain Man is a haunting electro-pop track with Lizzi Bougatsos sprinkling of vocal embellishments, light bubbling synths cascade through layers of sounds.

Check out the LP on iTunes here.

May 6th, 2013 06:49am

Neomix Volume Two

Finally after so many people bugging me, I've put together another mixtape in the Neoloop series Neomix (I guess I can call it a series now there is a second volume!). Volume Two is as eclectic as the first and covers all the stuff we love on Neoloop.


Tracklisting is as follows:

  • 1. Get Free: Major Laser
  • 2. Why: Carly Simon
  • 3. On and On (Ruined by Rick Rubin): Justice
  • 4. Big Love: Matthew E. White
  • 5. Without You: Behling
  • 6. I Walk This Earth: King Biscuit Time
  • 7. I'm on Fire (Cousin Cole's Bad Desire Remix): Bruce Springsteen
  • 8. Hamjam (Tofu Mix): The Soul Session
  • 9. Social Studies (Plastic Plates Remix): Body Language
  • 10. So Good At Being In Trouble: Unknown Mortal Orchestra
  • 11. Big Shot: Dr.John
  • 12. Bombay: El Guincho
  • 13. Tear Club: Moullinex
  • 14. Chip Off The Old Block: Chic
  • 15. Destiny: John Talabot
  • 16. Le Grand Sommeil: Ginger Ale
  • 17. Get Lucky: Daft Punk
  • 18. Utopia: Footprintz
  • 19. Juicy Onion: Brusco
  • 20. Benediction: Hot Natured & Ali Love
  • 21. Bourgie Bourgie: John Davis & The Monster Orchestra
  • 22. Inspector Norse: Todd Terje
  • 23. Lost: Frank Ocean
  • 24. Sea: Roosevelt
  • 25. Done and Over It: Marie Madelenine
  • 26. Goblin City (Holy Ghost Remix): Panthers
  • 27. Island: The Whitest Boy Alive
  • 28. La La La: Snoop Lion
  • 29. Fashion Killa: A$AP Rockey
  • 30. Perfidia: Phyllis Dillon
  • 31. The Baddest Man Alive: The Black Keys
  • 32. Blue Skies: Willie Nelson



Mar 13th, 2013 01:00am

Future-retro soundtrack

Following the divine Queen of Denmark, topping best album lists back in 2010 John Grant has unleashed his latest offering PALE GREEN GHOSTS, produced Icelandic producer Biggi Veira. Wow, straight up this is a totally different record to the last one (still one of my all time favourites I have to say). With the absence of Midlake's 70's folk-pop behind Grant he has taken on an 80's electro-pop deviation, but it's all Grant and his unique lyrical wit is defiant and well and truly in tact.

Opening with the title track it sounds like he's got the Chromatics on backing duties, the hypnotic synth reminiscent of their Tick of the Clock track which featured on the Drive soundtrack and Night Drive LP. Black Belt bounces along to an early 80's synth hook being played in a dirty disco, GMF (feat. Sinéad O'Connor) sees the first of 4 tracks that feature Sinéad O'Connor, it's at this point where Grant comes back to his old self and could easily have been from the last LP. It Doesn’t Matter To Him (feat. Sinéad O'Connor) is Sinéad and John's most effective duet set to strumming acoustic guitars soaring synths. Sensitive New Age Guy is vintage Grant using a synth hook that Yazoo should have written. This is followed by the sublime Ernest Borgnine, that has everything and the kitchen sink thrown in with total precision. I Hate this Town is another Grant happy-sing-a-long with sinister undertones. The Album finishes with the ethereal ballad Glacier, the last to feature Sinéad together with beautiful violins and cascading pianos. Highly Recommended.

Categories: Leftfield, Pop
Feb 24th, 2013 21:56pm

Weird and wonderful

Arab Strap's Aidan Moffat has just released a new LP under his alter-ego L. Pierre, the album is titled 'The Island Come True' (a chapter from Peter Pan apparently!). This is his fourth album as L.Pierre and is probably the most accomplished of the four, the added atmospheric cracks and pops are Moffat's comfort of making it sound like an old vinyl record and adds a warmth and feeling of a long lost soundtrack to a forgotten movie. Self samples, lush strings and piano loops make Harmonic Avenger quite haunting, I love the smokey organs that slide in and out of this track, just beautiful. Sad Laugh, The Grief That Does Not Speak and The Kingdom all conjure up images of wonder and fantasy. An LP that most recommended for those dark and cold evenings.

Official Website, Buy on iTunes click here.

Categories: Chill, Leftfield
Nov 25th, 2012 23:15pm

Late Night choice

One of the best Late Night Tales compilations for a while, the compilation series that maintains a quality output have chosen the effervescent Friendly Fires, an inspired choice as it turns out. The selection covers many genres as well as uptempo house, obscure indie, disco-funk, art-pop and ambient chill. This tune is a stand-out, fourth track in, anthemic porn-disco Fly Like An Eagle by Dennis Parker. And it's not just the old stuff that makes for an impressive collection, Melody Echo Chamber's Endless Shore is a welcome addition from a great artist. Friendly Fires’ exclusive cover version of the ’78 electronic classic Why Don't You Answer by Eberhard Schoener and Sting sounds like one of their own.

Surprise choice perhaps is Olivia Newton-John's cover of the Elton John classic Love Song from Tumbleweed Connection, an amazing version that I've never heard before. Also includes choice cuts from Cocteau Twins, SBTRKT, Iron Galaxy, Bibio, Stereolab, Slowdive, Joe Simon and Sonna

Definitely one of the best comps of the year and certainly one of the best Late Night Tales comps ever, no mean feat considering it's on it's thirtieth edition. Highly Recommend.

Buy it now on iTunes

Oct 2nd, 2012 22:51pm

A walk on the psychedelic side

Following Dr.John's new LP Locked Down I've been listening to some of his earlier recordings. This track is taken from his debut album - Gris-Gris by Dr. John the night tripper (aka Mac Rebennack) released on Atco Records in 1968.

Dr. John was always fascinated with New Orleans voodoo and Gris-Gris is an interesting hybrid of New Orleans rhythm and blues and psychedelic rock, but failed to chart on it's original release. The LP, which includes the Doc's classic tune Mama Roux has since received the plaudits it deserves. I Walk On Guilded Splinters was also covered in the 1970s by Humble Pie on their album Performance Rockin' the Fillmore, and by Paul Weller on his 1995 album Stanley Road.

Buy it on iTunes here

Categories: Blues, Leftfield, Psychedelic
Sep 24th, 2012 01:14am

Break on through to the other side

The Gaslamp Killer's debut proper full-length album Breakthrough is upon us, released officially last week and it's a belter. My first pick is this brilliant sitar-hip-hop track featuring Amir Yaghmai, superb! William 'Gaslamp Killer' Benussen's usual cohort Gunjasufi naturally features on a couple of songs to great effect as well as few others including Computer Jay, Samiyam, Shigeto, Dimlite, Mophono and Daedelus. It's the left-field of the Californian psychedelic hip-hop scene and brings in all Gaslamp's worldly influences - Turkish Funk, Afro wig-outs, trippy hypnotics, scuzzy guitars, banging beats, retro soundtracks and seventies psychedelia. Looking forward to the Flying lotus' new stuff too now. Breakthrough is Highly Recommended!

Categories: Hip Hop, Leftfield
Aug 19th, 2012 23:58pm

Just add a hot sun in a clear blue sky for maximum effect!

Perfect tune for a hot sunny day, El Guincho knows how to soundtrack the summer with this feel-good hit. As recommended by Jamie xx, taken from the 2010 album Pop Negro, the steel pans add a calypso vibe with chiming melodies and choppy percussion, bliss!

El Guincho is the recording alias of Spanish musician Pablo Díaz-Reixa. Also a member of Coconot, Díaz-Reixa rose to prominence with his 2008 album, Alegranza!

Officia site, bands place in MySpace

Aug 6th, 2012 23:25pm

Electro-goth you can trust

Electro-goths Trust made their debut with TRST back in February this year, the Toronto duo Robert Alfons and Maya Postepski are virtual clones of Crystal Castles with a striking resemblance to their fellow Canadians. Dirty synthesizers and pulsating electro beats, heavy influences of 80's electronic masters such as Giorgio Moroder and Kraftwerk. The album has been a slow burner for me, growing in significance with more airplay. Dark and weird, tracks like Gloryhole and (single) Bulbform twist and turn from brutal trance to hi-energy disco. This track, This Ready Flesh is a slow and heavy monster-slab of a tune, Alfons and Postepski duet with sinister under-current. Scary, but in a good way!

Not sure about that cover though, it's certainly not the artsit in the picture!

Buy it on iTunes

Aug 5th, 2012 23:33pm

Obscure Future-Retro-Pop

Ah, the brilliant John Maus has just a released A Collection of Rarities and Previously Unreleased Material. The usual Maus madness is evident on a mixture of tracks dating back to 1999. The Minnesota man's witty lyrics are in full effect on this track Bennington, a love story from 2007. Following the amazing 2011 album - We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves this is obscure and pure future-retro-pop. 

Official site Buy on iTunes

Categories: Alternative, Leftfield
Jul 11th, 2012 00:38am

Yppah (pronounced ‘yippah’)

Yppah's third album has been a steady grower over the last few months, I first stumbled apron it's eclectic charms back in April and while it's certainly not an instant grabber, persistent listening bears many fruits. Predominately instrumental with the vocals blending in as instruments, often fast rhythm's have an air of tranquility, creating atmospheric sounds with an overwhelming sense of playfulness. Lead track Film Burn is spectacular, Anomie Belle's vocal meanders through delicate synths, broken beats and soaring strings like Endtroducing... era DJ Shadow combining with the Cocteau Twins. Happy to See you shines with chiming guitars and R. Mullen is overwhelming anthemic with a Stone Roses sense of groove. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, beautifully uplifting music to escape to during rainy days in London.

Love a moody cloud cover too...

Buy it on iTunes



Oct 24th, 2011 01:15am

Chinoiseries Beats

Onra's new long player due next month Chinoiseries Pt.2 follows 2006's LP Chinoiseries, which had over 30 tracks of loving put together beats and samples from old Chinese and Vietnamese vinyl records. Pt.2 follows on with more chopped up madness. Paris producer Onra (Real Name Arnaud Bernard) has made some wicked tunes, last years LP Long Distance is well worth investigating. A New Dynasty is taken from Chinoiseries Pt.2. Looking forward to hearing the full LP. Pre-order on iTunes click here.

Onra's Soundcloud click here.

Categories: Hip Hop, Leftfield
Oct 23rd, 2011 23:35pm

Same Kind of bad as me!

Tom Waits is one of those artists that stands alone, you either get it or you don't. A consistent performer he knows no boundaries and does what the fuck he likes.

It's been seven years since Real Gone, Tom Waits's last album of new material. Since then there's been the collection of rare and unreleased songs - Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards to fill the gap. But now he's back with a brand new album, Bad As Me. A predominantly heavy blues sound, Waits is in fine form yet again. An unrepentant onslaught of clattering drums, ramshackle brass and dirty guitars one minute and tender blues ballads the next all with a sinister undertone throughout. Waits fan will lap it up. The Title track here is another classic.

Tom's official site

Categories: Blues, Leftfield
Sep 18th, 2011 23:35pm


I can't get enough of Jeymes Samuel's The Bullitts, I've posted tunes previously by The Bullitts but this superb track is a defining moment in their growing catalogue. It first surfaced at the end of last year and the more you hear it the more you get mesmerised by it's charms. Featuring a narrative by KILL BILL star Lucy Liu who plays an ice-cold murderess called Amelia Sparks awaiting execution on death row and it also features a sublime rap from Jay Electronica

Have you ever had that feeling like you been falling for weeks in a well? I was on the verge of dying like E.T. in the bald spot in the forest, right next to the speak and spell…

The full debut album THEY DIE BY DAWN & other short stories is finished and due to drop anytime soon. The album features some amazing artists including Tori Amos, Jay Electronica and Mos Def along with character cameos from Lucy Liu and Edris Elba. Release date TBC. The Bullitts played the Big Chill last month and according to Jeymes Samuel's twitter they will be doing some live dates soon.

Each release comes with unique movie inspired videos and cool film poster artwork, love this one...


Sep 18th, 2011 20:41pm

The Golden age of the Apocalypse

Thundercat's début LP The Golden age of the Apocalypse is complete madness, jazz solos, electronic hip-hop, video-game blips, psychedelic wig-outs and unsettling moments that crash and burn in all directions. However there is something that keeps you hooked in a surreal intriguing way. Much like listening to Captain Beefheart's Trout Mask Replica for the first time, you can't quite work out out what you like about it. The complex compositions twist and clash one minute, then sound sweet and soulful the next. Produced by Flying Lotus, it holds a similar vibe to much of the Flying Lotus sound. Each track is like marmite, you love then you hate it, but it changes with every listen. Walkin' is for me the most accessible track here, with an easy going soulful sound matched with some easy listening la la la vocal harmony.

An ambitious LP that is rewardingly glorious with perseverance.

Like this? Try: Jimi Tenor, Flying Lotus

Buy it on iTunes


Aug 30th, 2011 23:58pm

Remastered releases for The Jesus and Mary Chain

Since Psychocandy was first released in November 1985, The Jesus And Mary Chain's seminal debut album has received a massive amount of critical acclaim and is now widely regarded as a classic. Influenced by the likes of The Velvet Underground, The Stooges, and The Shangri-Las, brothers Jim and William Reid's milestone LP went on to influence further generations of bands, the LP also includes a young Bobby Gillespie on drums. Psychocandy is a wash with feedback distortion, fuzz and a gothic undertone, the Mary Chain's wall of noise is immense. In particular Just Like Honey, a single from the LP still sounds amazing today and nowadays it's better know for being included on the soundtrack to Sofia Coppola's Lost In Translation.

The whole JAMC catalogue - six studio albums, are to be reissued as double CD's plus DVD, including B-sides, live recordings, BBC sessions and more later this year.

Aug 11th, 2011 00:35am

Retro-futurist electro-pop!

John Maus new album We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves is an interesting record. Heavy synth-led songs of retro-futurist electro-pop intwine a wealth of influences from The Doors, Kratfwerk and  Joy Division to Daft Punk, Jan Hammer and Giorgio Moroder. Over these freak-beat workouts and soaring synth's is Maus deep and brooding voice telling strange stories. Head For The Country is a great track, also Hey Moon and Matter of Fact are highlights. Recommened.

Buy it now on iTunes

Jul 5th, 2011 00:13am

Well Fucked up!

Epic and Punk are not two words you would normally use in the same sentence. Enter Fucked Up a punk band that have made epic-punk! It gets pretty heavy clocking in at 78 minutes, both captivating rock opera and relentless assault of loud riffage that grooves like a bastard. First single off it A Little Death gives you a pretty good flavour of what to expect.

It's a stunning record in it's entirety and forms a complex plot - The story of David Comes to Life is about a factory worker called David Eliade who falls in love with a woman named Veronica Boisson and together they conspire to build a bomb. There's few guest vocalists sprinkled into the mix, Cults' Madeline Follin and singer/songwriter Jennifer Castle representing the characters Veronica and Vivian - the story is largely told by the band's screaming frontman, Damien Abraham. It's a complex LP but if you devote the time to it and give it good few listens you will reap the rewards - It really is Fucked Up!

David Comes to Life is out now!

Categories: Leftfield, Punk
Jun 27th, 2011 00:54am

Futura music from a fairground in another realm

The quirky, mind-bending sounds of Battles have been banging the hell out of the Neoloop speakers for some time now. see a full review of the new album below. Futura is another stand out track and our current favourite. Crazy beats and clanging guitars and a melody to die for.

From the new album Gloss Drop

Categories: Alternative, Leftfield
May 30th, 2011 23:45pm

The ever unique sound of the Battles returns, experimental left-field music doesn't often sound this good.

Four years on from their critically acclaimed Mirrored, Gloss Drop is the title of the New Yorkers second LP and it's a belter. A cacophony of sounds with everything chucked in and it's as barmy as we've come to expect. Much has been talked about the newly-refined three piece following the departure of vocalist Tyondai Braxton, but this is no bad thing in my opinion as it now makes way for a more eclectic array of vocal talents.

We kick off with the instrumental arrhythmic strings of Africastle, before the first guest vocal leads the way - the human instrument, Kompakt artist Matias Aguayo with first single Icecream, a fairground of organs and pounding drums collide with loud wonky guitars and Matias' unique voice. This is followed by three further instrumentals, steaming in with the propulsive funk of Futura, Inchworm (you half expect the Beastie Boys to come in at any moment) and chaotic cartoon mash-up of Wall Street. Next guest up is electronic pioneer Gary Newman on the relentless drive of My Machines, this is followed by another steel pan driven interlude Dominican Fade before clanging in with Sweetie & Shag featuring the sweet vocals of Blonde Redhead’s Kazu Makino, the steelpans continue with gusto while Kazu's voice make Battles sound like a new band and sounds incredible. Here the LP then takes a darker turn with sinister B-movie interlude Toddler followed by the massacre Rolls Bayce. White Electric is an angry bantering of drums and bass clabbering for a sweet melody that it eventually finds in the last minute courtesy of a monkey's organ.

Finally the epic ending - Sundome featuring BoredomsYamantake Eye, as mad as it gets whaling organs and chopping synths lead us out to another world, three minutes in and beat takes us further into the unknown. A circus of sounds made to blow the top! Despite it being a challenging listen, I think this is more accessible than their debut. Highly Recommended! Out on June 5th on Warp.

Get the full lowdown on bttls.com


May 28th, 2011 19:21pm

World Unite! Lucifer Youth Foundation!

Wu Lyf are set to release their debut album Go Tell Fire To The Mountain on June 13th. The reclusive Manchester based band continue to intrigue with their secrecy while the music is of explosive quality.

Go Tell Fire To The Mountain is undoubtedly one of the year's most anticipated releases.

Get the lowdown here wulyf.org


Categories: Alternative, Leftfield
May 14th, 2011 19:46pm

Some more obscure shenanigans from the leftfield - Gang Gang Dance's latest offering Eye Contact is a another challenging listen. But continued plays will reap rewards. The album doesn't really throw-up any obvious singles and is better when played a one entertaining piece. The epic 11-minute opener Glass Jar slowly builds from a tranquil existence in some far away fantasy world with neon bugs and a smokey atmosphere, before transcending into an uplifting Eastern groove. 

Hot Chip frontman Alexis Taylor pops up to the mic during this track - Romance Layers for some R'n'B pop with a new-jack swagger. There are some weird influences melted together, you hear Kate Bush one second, then the Orb or Underworld, then its got a bit of Animal Collective.

The whole album has dream like state to it floating effortlessly through genres and time.

Buy it on iTunes

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Feb 19th, 2011 22:15pm

The Bends, OK Computer and Kid A, will Radiohead's new album compare with these classic LP's that we've lived with and loved through years of continued listening. Their last album, 2007's In Rainbows, was perhaps the best of Radiohead's later releases, so now we have The King of Limbs. Lead track Lotus Flower (complete with low-budget video of Thom dancing) slowly penetrates the sub-conscious like all classic Radiohead songs, and gets better with every listen. And that's what Radiohead do best, creating tunes that grow and mature over time. The King of Limbs is no exception, it's another captivating record that you have to listen to intently over time to truly appreciate the architecture of the expertly crafted music. With eight tracks spanning 37 minutes, The King of Limbs is surprisingly short – but it's also typically rich with leftfield electronic texture akin to Burial and Flying Lotus mixed with a Pink Floyd trippiness. It has a late night post-dubstep ambient feel thats perfectly chilled and engaging.

I don't think they have pushed any major musical boundaries here, but it still captures the high quality of a band in their prime. After a few listen's this track, Separator (which closes the album) is one that fills you with the satisfaction you've come to expect from Thom Yorke and co. I'm gonna give it a few more listen before I pass final judgement, but I know it will mature like a fine wine to be enjoyed and savoured again and again. All we need now is Jamie xx to do the remixed version!

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Feb 7th, 2011 23:40pm

Micachu and the Shapes and the London Sinfonietta are set to release their live album, Chopped and Screwed and they are sharing a single with fans everywhere. The live album was recorded at Kings Place, London in May 2010 and it will be released via Rough Trade March 28th. It's an interesting collaboration of avant-pop and classical orchestration. strange and exciting, well worth a few listens to get your head round it.

News at Rough Trade, Bands place in MySpace

Categories: Alternative, Leftfield
Oct 16th, 2010 00:50am

Good to hear new sounds from the superb Stereolab, and this doesn't disappoint with their familiar quirky sound. This tune is unmistakably Stereolab taking in all the usual influences 1970s krautrock, lounge, 1960s pop, and experimental pop music. Lætitia Sadier vocals sounds as good as ever. The band will release Not Music, a collection of unreleased material recorded at the same time as their last album Chemical Chords back in 2007. Released scheduled in for November 15, 2010. the album features two remixes by atlas sound and emperor machine. Any new material is good, and if it's all this good then we are in for a treat!

Like this? Try: Stereo Total, Pizzicato 5, Ladytron

Pre-order at Rough trade, Pre-order on iTunes, Official site

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Sep 22nd, 2010 00:12am

New tune from Fujiya & Miyagi - from forthcoming album Ventriloquizzing due in January 2011. Sixteen Shades of Black & Blue. Sounds like they have been listening to some old Serge Gainsbourg soundtracks, it's a new sexy beat with words of violence, arresting listening! Formed in Brighton in 2000 Ventriloquizzing will be their fourth album, following the excellent Transparent Things (2006) and Lightbulbs (2008). I'll look forward to hearing the rest of the album soon.

Official site, Bands place in MySpace

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Sep 9th, 2010 00:27am

A beautiful sound builds on a simple marimba beat and looping handclaps, cascades of synths and soaring strings burst into life on this short but epic little track. Glasser, a one-woman orchestra aka Cameron Mesirow releases her debut LP on 28th September.

If this track is anything to go by it should be good, recorded in Los Angeles and Stockholm she worked closely with producer Ariel Rechtshaid (Foreign Born, We Are Scientists) and Fever Ray’s Van Rivers and Subliminal Kid.

Aug 11th, 2010 00:45am

I'm still playing Gonjasufi's hallucinogenic debut album loads since it's release earlier this year, A Sufi And A Killer is highly recommend if your looking something different to listen to. The Gaslamp Killer produced much of Gonjasufi's LP, so I've been digging the crate for more of the producer and global purveyor of cosmic bass. This is a cracking track from his EP - My Troubled Mind from last year, taking in some mad Bollywood spaghetti western soundtrack vibes. Crazy shit, I love it. The Gaslamp Killer (Born William Benjamin Bensussen) based in Los Angeles released My Troubled Mind on Brainfeeder, the record label of Flying Lotus.

Like This? Try: Gonjasufi, Hudson Mohawke, Flying Lotus

Categories: Electronic, Leftfield, Lo-Fi
Jun 29th, 2010 01:04am

Much hype for this band has circulated around the various music blogs since break through track Crown On The Ground surfaced at the end of last year. So Sleigh Bells release their debut LP Treats to much anticipation. For most of this record vocalist Alexis Krauss' sweet pop vocals are surrounded by chaotic noise of scuzzy guitars and distorted beats by the other half of the duo Derek Miller. The track here, Rill Rill is quite a clear clean cut track that stands out from the rest, not because it's any better than other tracks, it's just that the majority of tunes are full-on distorted sound bombs. Sampling Can You Get To That from Funkadelic's Maggot Brain, Rill Rill is almost like an interlude of calm in the middle. Treats is a very exciting new sound that is sure to divide music heads and casual listeners. The closest you get is a cross between Crystal Castles and the Ting Tings. RECOMMENDED

Like this? Try: Crystal Castles, Yacht, HEALTH, My Bloody Valentine

Band place in MySpace, Buy on iTunes

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May 11th, 2010 01:14am

Outstanding! Coming in from the leftfield, Jamie Lidell releases a new LP next week Compass. Ever the experimentalist Lidell has ventured into many musical directions with varying results, R&B and electronica have been very fruitful. This new LP is produced by Beck and you can really hear the Beckisums in there, it has a real raw quality to the whole album, nothing is to polished and all the better for it. Lidell's soulful voice is rattled around clanging and banging percussion and sounds incredible, fluctuating from soul and R&B to folk and funk with a a new found swagger. There are so many influences in here, I'm hearing Prince, George Clinton, Tom Waits, Nick Drake, Gonjasufi and Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and of course Beck. This LP features some impressive guests too, including Beck, Feist, Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor, Daniel Rossen, and Chris Bear, Wilco's Pat Sansone, legendary R&B drummer James Gadson, soul belter Nikka Costa, Beck keyboardist Brian LeBarton, and Gonzales. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Like this? Try: Beck, Prince, Chris Cornell, Bibio

Pre-order on iTunes, Official Site


Feb 27th, 2010 22:21pm

Following Danton Eeprom's cover of Lost In Music below, here's The Fall's version of the same track. Taken from their 1993 covers album The Infotainment Scan, considered to be one of bands more accessible albums. The Fall have made some very challenging albums throughout an illustrious Discography of some 28 studio albums and numerous live albums. The John Peel favourites have had a major influence on many bands over the years such as LCD Soundsystem, Nirvana and Pavement to name a few. My mate Coolio introduced me to some of the bands brighter moments, some of The Fall's album's are pretty experimental to say the least. But, the fact that Mark E. Smith's band have turned this into a perfect indie alternative is testament to the quality song writing of Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards original masterpiece.

Check out The Fall on iTunes

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Jan 28th, 2010 00:44am

An Epic track from These New Puritans, I've had a copy of These New Puritans new album Hidden for a while and it's a hard listen first few times around. A challenging album that I keep coming back to. It's an ambitious complex affair, full of innovation and intrigue that is sure cause much debate. The song structures are intricate yet expansive. The tune here, their first single off the album, We Want War enters with a slow tribal beat declaring war with a fanfare of trumpets, whispered voices smoke in and the pounding rhythm, the beats slowly building up and gaining speed, like Massive attack fighting with The Prodigy, tribal drumming and chants of 'We Want War' with flashes of samurai swords until the mayhem breaks for some reflective verse, with spiritual voices swirling around the madness, everything building around the dark dramatic orchestral swell and clattering drums, then a sudden swipe of the sword, the battles over and the mood turns quiet and dies in the mist. a captivating epic masterpiece. Now watch the video!

These New Puritans are a British art rock band from the Southend-on-Sea area!

Bands place in MySpace, Official site, Buy the album on iTunes


Jan 17th, 2010 21:28pm

Me and the Devil walking side by side...

After a lengthy hiatus the legendary Gil Scott-Heron returns in 2010 with a new album entitled I'm New Here. Gil has already made an outstanding contribution to music with his prolific period during the late sixties and early seventies. He is cited as an influence on countless hip hop vocalists and producers, the groundbreaking The Revolution Will Not Be Televised remains one the greatest songs of all time. This new tune is full of man who has lived a very colourful life, in 2001, Gil was sentenced to one to three years' imprisonment in New York State for possession of cocaine. Into his sixties now his voice is one of maturity soaked in alcohol and expression of experience. Haunted beats, glitches and dark sound effects rattle along like Burial conducting a New Orleans funeral march. It's like the blues have been re-invented for a new decade, Gils first new album in thirteen years is released next month on XL Recordings produced by Richard Russell, one for the fans, and for the uninitiated. The video is suitably dark and arresting too. Big up to @bigtwix for heads up.

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Jan 12th, 2010 01:19am

Clanging drums and wonky tonk piano... A grand masterpiece of crazy pop... Heaven Can Wait.

Following on from her excellent album 5:55 from 2006, Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin's daughter has collaborated with Beck to make IRM, her best album to date. Full of Beck's distinctive style and lyrical nonchalance, who himself is massively influenced by Serge Gainsbourg. And it's all in there, it's an eclectic mix of tunes that hang together well, Charlotte is sounding more and more like her mother, although Charlotte does has a better voice, not to say I don't enjoy Jane Birkin's songs as she has made some quality pop with Monsieur Serge.

It's sounds practically like a new Beck album but with Charlotte doing all the singing, Beck does chip in with background vocals here and there, apart from this track which is a full on duet. So Beck plays Serge to Charlotte's Jane, and in true style of the legend they have also managed to maintain Serge's forward thinking pop while plundering from his past. It's very early indeed to think about albums of the year, I just hope come the end of the year it won't be forgotten about as it really is a magnificent album. With such talented parents the expectation bench mark is set very high, Charlotte has a lot to live up to, with IRM I think she has achieved it… The old man would have been proud. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Like This Try: Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, Beck, Jean-Claude Vannier, Bertrand Burgalat

Charlotte's Official Site, Beck's Official Site, Buy it on iTunes

Dec 30th, 2009 23:49pm

A pounding heavy slab of white noise, yet strangely melodic, distorted sounds crash and collide beating each other up until the most powerful one pushes to the fore until it get smashed away by another creating a captivating chaos. You need to turn the volume up to stun on this one. If you imagine My Bloody Valentine jamming with Giorgio Moroder in a dark heaving disco you come close, The main riff is oddly reminiscent of Sly & the Family Stones' Into My Own Thing (as sampled by Fatboy Slim on Weapon of Choice). Die slow is taken from their 2nd album Get Color, out now. LA's HEALTH are best known in the UK for their collaboration with Crystal Castles on hit dancefloor filler Crimewave, something of a disco departure from their usual brand of ear punishing cacophony. Also available is an album of remixes, HEALTH//DISCO featuring new versions of first their first album. Check out the video for Die Slow, pretty gruesome!

Like this try: No Age, Atlas Sound, Wavves, My Bloody Valentine

Official Site, Bands place in MySpace, Buy all HEALTH albums on iTunes

Dec 28th, 2009 02:42am

Totally wicked Cassettes Won't Listen (AKA Jason Drake) fast becoming my new favourite band, In To The Hillside is an instrumental album full of cracking tunes, this ones got a great drum and bass vibe with an orchestral disco of floating strings and chopping wonky synths, love this shit! check out CWL MySpace or iTunes page for more stuff including some of his vocal tunes.

Like this try: DJ Shadow, Woofly, In Flagranti

Bands place in MySpace, Buy more CWL stuff on iTunes


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Dec 13th, 2009 18:13pm

Strange Electronica from Berlin duo Gina V. D'Orio and Annika Line Trost, together they go by the name of Cobra killer. I love this, such typical euro feel, but with a savvy nod to krautrock. Taken from their new album Uppers & Downers, most songs are sung in English but I like the German tunes the best.

Bands place in MySpace, Buy the album on iTunes

Like this try: Stereo Total, Stereolab, Can, Kraftwerk

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Nov 21st, 2009 00:36am

While the Dirty Projectors Bitte Orca album has been well raved about since it's release earlier this Summer, I've found it to be a slow burner that just gets better with every listen. It's hard to highlight one individual track, in the world of mp3 it's easy to just pull out the popular tracks and never listen to rest of the album. So it takes a really good album stand up in its entirety. With Bitte Orca it really is a complete listening experience required. However, No Intention is a captivating listen, even if it does sound better at track 7 nestled in as part of the whole LP. 

Surely a front runner contender for album of the year. Intricate melodies, epic landscapes stripped bare to reveal beauty in it's most simplistic and triumphant form. Frontman Dave Longstreth's lead vocal is strangely jarring at times but it works, add to that the female harmonies of amber coffin, angel deradoorian and haley dekle you end up with a unique record.


Buy Bitte Orca on iTunes, Bands place in MySpace

Nov 17th, 2009 22:35pm

I keep hearing this tune in various bars and places, a slow blissed out vibe featuring the psychedelic harmonies of MGMT.

A happy leftfield tune with a wonky piano and strange guitar riffs on a broken drum machine beat produced by Ratatat. Being punted around as Kanye West's favourite new rapper, he collaborated on Kanye's last album and Kayne guests on Kid Cudi's new album Man On The Moon: The End Of Day released in September.

Buy the album on iTunes, Kid's place in MySpace


Nov 11th, 2009 00:04am

Dark psychedelia, freaky folk, bonkers bongos, wayward beats and wandering melodies and insane voices… this is The Witch And The Robot. Taken from their debut album 'On Safari' (released last month), possibly one of the strangest new acts you’ll encounter this year. They are from the Lake District, sounds like they spend most of their time in the woods dancing around a big fire!

Buy it from atic records, Bands place in MySpace

Categories: Folk, Leftfield, Psychedelic
Nov 1st, 2009 23:58pm

Who's There? A Banging tune! Primary 1 and Riton team up with Wiley, Sounding like a run away ghost train speeding through rave tent. Big tune.

Categories: Electronic, Leftfield
Oct 20th, 2009 00:29am

Spooky being lost in space all on your own! Sounding like an early AIR tune, but it was recorded in the early Seventies. In 1975 before the release of the first Black Devil Disco Club album, Bernard Fevre released an album called ‘The Strange World Of Bernard Fevre’ and like the first Black Devil album it was so far ahead of it’s time that even now people struggle to believe it was really recorded over 30 years ago. Love to new cover by Non-Format too!

Buy it from Lo Recordings

Oct 19th, 2009 01:24am

Dystopia - Midnight Juggernauts last album from 2007 was one of my albums of that year, so I've very happy to hear about a new forthcoming album for 2009. This is the first single, which is quite a departure from the previous sound. At the start the drums kick in, like I Am The Resurrection from the Stone Roses, with added sound effects. That beat continues throughout the whole track, with crazy organs and outer space atmospherics until it all goes a bit pink floyd with beach boy harmonies. Epic stuff! 

Bands place in MySpaceBuy it on iTunes

Like this try - Justice, Pink Floyd


Oct 3rd, 2009 00:46am

Havana to France via Chinese Man!

Chinese Man Records - The Groove Sessions Vol.2 is another album I picked up from my trip to France this week. It's a very eclectic affair to say the least, mixing up an array of styles from Hip Hop, break beat and Jazz to Bollywood chants, Cuban rhythms, weird electronica and mad film samples. This track is quality! Album RECOMMENDED

Official Site, Bands place in MySpace

Sep 22nd, 2009 00:58am

Banging away at 100mph, this is the maddest tune of the month. I love an accordion! This tune takes a few listens to really get it, a bit like the crazy instrumentals by Tom Waits. This track is from their latest album - Délivrance.

A Hawk and a Hacksaw is a folk band from Albuquerque, New Mexico. The band consists primarily of percussionist Jeremy Barnes, (drummer for Neutral Milk Hotel), and violinist Heather Trost. Inspired by eastern European, particularly Balkan traditions there is rarely a dull moment on any of their albums.  If you like Beirut, then dig further in to the world of A Hawk And A Hacksaw. 

The name comes from a line in Hamlet (Act II, scene ii): "I am but mad north-north-west: when the wind is southerly I know a hawk from a handsaw."

Bands place in MySpace, Official Site, Buy it on iTunes


Categories: Folk, Leftfield
Sep 14th, 2009 00:37am

Psychedelic swirling rhythms on a hot sunny day.

Over the top squelches and a continuous looping riff sucks you in to the kaleidoscopic chasm of Neon Indian. Expect big things from Neon Indian, from Brookyln/Austin, Texas. New album Psychic Chasms available from 13 October.

Great cover artwork too!

Bands place in MySpace


Sep 13th, 2009 22:03pm

Madder than the wicked witch of the west!

Considered to be a bit of nuttier Yoko Ono made some pretty quirky tunes in her time, She has a new album out this month Between My Head and the Sky. This track taken from the album Yes, I'm a Witch, a remix album by Yoko Ono released on February 6, 2007. Artists invited to contribute were asked to select a song from Ono's back catalogue, and were then presented with all the necessary elements to create a remix/cover to their desires. According to the press release, nearly every artist chose only the vocals, and created entirely new backing tracks to demonstrate the versatility of Ono's compositions. Love this track, wicked baseline and crazy lyrics!

Official Site

Categories: Electronic, Leftfield
Sep 8th, 2009 03:11am

Carry me Hooting & Howling to the river!

A extraordinary, stunning piece of music, captivating vocals and lush arrangements.

Another contender for album of the year, Two Dancers (Wild Beasts 2nd Album) is a musical magnum opus of a masterpiece. Hooting and howling all the way to this years top ten albums of the year. Immerse yourself and drown in it's beauty.

Official site


Categories: Alternative, Leftfield
Sep 7th, 2009 00:11am

Can you dig it!

Beyond the wizards Sleeve should have some new tunes out very soon. In the mean time we'll have to keep playing their debut (Ark 1) to death. I can't get enough of them. Very hard to get hold of nowadays, this is a great companion for the Meanderthals Desire Lines album. Also check out the Re-Animations Vol.1 B.T.W.S excellent remix compilation.


Bands place in MySpace

B.T.W.S Official site

Sep 6th, 2009 23:48pm

Laid back scandinavian psychedelic trip.

Surely one of the albums of the year so far, this stunning album is full of epic tunes that carry the listener off to another world in the depth of your mind. If you like Beyond the Wizards Sleeve you'll love this... go lose yourself! go buy the the album - Desire Lines.

Meanderthals are Rune Lindbæk, Dan Tyler, Conrad McDonnell (Idjut Boys)

Bands place in MySpace

Buy it at iTunes



Sep 3rd, 2009 08:33am

Next time I'll be true yeah!

I've been listening to the new album from the The XX quite a bit, well worth checking out. But this old cover version of the classic Womack and Womack tune is an amazing version. I love the original, but this version is a different tune entirely. Class!

Bands place in MySpace

But the Album on iTunes

Aug 30th, 2009 23:39pm

You are going to relax

This tune is as mad as a box of frogs, haunted synths, snake charmers, wind chimes and hypnosis, eclectic in nature, powered by analog synths and toy keyboards, rhythms driven by home-maker organs and casios, Sukia's music tends to drift towards the erotic. Released back in 1996 I still come back to this tune time and time again. Taken from the album Contacto Espacial Con El Tercer Sexo, produced by the Dust Brothers, worth checking out with more of the same wacky instruments and odd sounds.

Sukia were a Camarillo, California-based electronic band. Formed in the early 90's amidst the burgeoning Los Angeles indie music scene, Sukia took their name from the Italian vampire comic book of the same name. Following their dissolution, Sukia have gained a cult following from the release of the above titled album.

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Aug 30th, 2009 14:02pm

Return From The Planet DUB!

The Dub master that is Lee Scratch Perry returns with a new album collaborating with Vienna dub pioneers Dubblestandart. This a cover of the old Max Romeo track Chase the Devil, as covered and sampled by many artists over the years. Everything Lee Scratch Perry touches turns to gold, the master old the golden age of Reggae. Stick your headphones on, spark up a fat one and lose yourself in dub.

Buy more Lee Scratch Perry on iTunes

Bands place in MySpace - myspace.com/dubblestandart

Lee's place in MySpace - myspace.com/leescratchperry


Aug 13th, 2009 01:11am

Rip it up and start again!

Yacht release their new album this month, an eclectic affair to say the least, dead pan vocals, scattered beats and electronic melodies chop about all over the shop. If you like LCD Soundsystem then this is right up your street. No coincidence they are signed to James Murphy's DFA label then.

Bands place in MySpace

Official Site - teamyacht.com

Aug 10th, 2009 00:10am

"We're gonna party and have a good time" The chorus smokes through the spooky hum of a gospel choir singing outside the gates to the end of the world. Sci-fi landscapes and funky house collide resulting in a strangely soulful cocktail of dancefloor lunacy!

Released as single from the album Organism in 1999

Jimi Tenor (born Lassi Lehto, 1965, Lahti, Finland)

Official site - jimitenor.com

Buy it - iTunes


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Jul 29th, 2009 00:32am

I don't know much about this tune other than I like it!

It's quite the infectious little ditty, I just keep playing it... Hey!

Benjamin E. Morsberger is from Brooklyn NYC

His place in Myspace - myspace.com/benjaminemorsberger

Categories: Electronic, Leftfield, Pop