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Jul 21st, 2013 23:15pm

Carnival Punk

A collision course of a tune this, dripping in funk with a punk attitude, there is a carnival spirit that runs through much of Melt Yourself Down's self titled debut LP. An acquired taste for some perhaps, this music is not meant to be taken lightly, it's an all or nothing affair that completely takes over. The carnival punk of We Are Enough is bonkers but infectious. 

Take it for spin on iTunes

Categories: Funk, Nu-jazz, Punk
Dec 8th, 2011 23:57pm

Moustachue également

This is a wicked tune, taken from the French band Deluxe's new EP called Polishing Peanuts. Easy does it, a cool laid-back hip hop beat with some old skool jazz flourishes and lush vocals. Yeah!

OUT NOW on Chineseman Records.

Categories: Chill, Hip Hop, Nu-jazz
Sep 19th, 2010 23:44pm

Chill out to some seriously good dub with the second album from Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno, the tropical dub-reggae side project that Quantic introduced with 2008's highly acclaimed Death Of The Revolution. With the Flowering Inferno, Will 'Quantic' Holland brings dub and reggae flavours to the Latin American and African sounds that he has been chasing round the globe since he first started collecting records. 

He recorded the album in his Sonido Del Valle studio in Cali, Colombia. An album inspired by soundsystem culture but widened out far beyond just reggae and dancehall styles 'Dog With A Rope' is a Tropical soundclash - encompassing a heavy bass and reggae aesthetic alongside the Tropical dance-orientated music from Cuba, Puerto Rico and Colombia.

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Categories: Chill, Nu-jazz, World
Jun 6th, 2010 14:46pm

Perfect for some summer BBQ is this slab of funky brass from New Orlean's finest. Sexual Healing never sounded so different, I think Marvin would have approved. The members of the Hot 8 were all born and raised in New Orleans; many of them began playing together in high school. In 1995 they came together and began playing traditional New Orleans brass band music professionally. The band are playing live in London this month on 25 at the Scala.

More stuff on the bands record label here, Bands place in MySpace, Buy on iTunes

Categories: Funk, Nu-jazz
May 6th, 2010 23:15pm

One the most eagerly anticipated LP's of 2010 comes Flying Lotus AKA Steven Ellison's Cosmogramma. True to Flying Lotus style it's an intriguing, intricate and challenging as ever. Taking in jazz, hip-hop, soul glitch-pop and videogame sounds it's a captivating listen from start to finish. Tracks range from one minute long to five and half, but most tunes clock in around 2 to 3 minutes making the album as a whole feel like an eclectic mix of cuts. This is one album that will get played over and over while you discover something new with every spin. Guest spot from Thom York is very subtle on …And The World Laughs With You. Laura Darlington adds vocals to Table Tennis, which takes its beats from real time samples of bouncing ping-pong balls that sound obvious but amazing. I chose this track to post up first because I found this instantly incredible, mashing up so many different styles and effects - mesmerising!

Buy the LP now on iTunes, Official Site

Categories: Electronic, Hip Hop, Nu-jazz
Mar 14th, 2010 20:18pm

A hypnotic pianoline with the incredible skills of Sax Max show us the jazzy life of Parov Stelar. Released last year I still can't get enough this groovy tune, taken from the Monster EP. Parov Stelar aka Marcus Füreder, a musician who lives and works in Linz among the thriving Austria music scene.

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Buy the Monster EP on iTunes, Official site, Place in MySpace


Categories: Austrian, Electronic, Nu-jazz
Mar 14th, 2010 17:44pm

Just makes you wanna dance, so infectious, it's highly contagious. Banging jazzy breaks run in to a swarm of trumpets, dramatic moody bass, piano stabs and the beautiful voice of Isabella Kaiser all collide in a midnight rendezvous. Midnight Rendezvous is the prolongation of the success of forties retro-chic in modern dance-music on a extra high level. Pulse-racing stuff! Released on Parov Stelar´s Austrian label Etage Noir recordings.

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Record Label Website, Buy it on iTunes

Categories: Electronic, Nu-jazz, Remix
Feb 7th, 2010 16:01pm

Funky balkan beat to move your feet, I'm chilling in my crib digging in the crates for some rare classics. This tune just makes you wanna dance. This kind of Balkan electronica can sound shit in the wrong hands, Al Lindrum knows his shit though and produces quality authentic balkan music, he's Just moved from Barcelona to Sarajevo in the balkans running weekly residents at The Balkan Café - www.Facebook.com/balkancafe.

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Categories: Electronic, Funk, Nu-jazz, World
Jan 16th, 2010 19:57pm

The skanking grooves keep coming, I'm listening to loads of SKA tinged latin today! Nowadays your latin music can come from anywhere, this is a cracking Mo'Horizons remix of fellow German's Una Mas Trio. If you dig nu-jazz and Latin music check out their MySpace page for some more good shit. Then hop over to Mo'Horizons page for even more!

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Bands place in MySpace, Mo'Horizons Place in MySpace

Categories: Electronic, Nu-jazz, Remix
Jan 16th, 2010 19:51pm

Another quality remix from NYC's Nickodemus, skanking guitars, banging drums, spanish rap and haunted backing singers all wedged together for a latin feast. You just can't sit still for this one.

Taken from the EP El Micrófono / Para No Vivir Desesperado. The original version appears on the 2007 album Piñata, they released their latest album Soy Sauce last year. Mexican Institute of Sound (MIS; or Instituto Mexicano Del Sonido in Spanish) is the brainchild of Mexico City-based DJ and producer Camilo Lara. Along with groups like Nortec Collective and Kinky, M.I.S. is part of a growing Mexican electronica movement, mixing traditional Mexican music with contemporary electronica sounds. 

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Bands place in MySpace, Nickodemus MySpace, Official Nickodemus site, Instituto Mexicano Del Sonido on iTunes

Categories: Electronic, Nu-jazz, Remix
Jan 16th, 2010 16:36pm

Following on from the Waldeck post below, here he is again under the Saint Privat moniker. Saint Privat is Waldeck and fellow Austrian singer Valérie Sajdik.  Pour yourself a Gin and Tonic and soak up Tous les jours, the connoisseurs’ summer hit of 2004 in Germany, Austria and beyond. They have since released the album Superflu, heralding the revival of the “Chanson psychédélique”. Chill out baby.

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Valerie Sajdik's place in MySpace, Official Site, Saint Privat on iTunes

Categories: Chill, Electronic, Nu-jazz, Remix
Jan 16th, 2010 15:02pm

I was dining in a Polish restaurant last night with a beautiful lady, delicious food, wonderful wine and Waldeck's album, Ballroom Stories [2007] was playing the background, a perfect accompaniment to chilled out evening. This tune captures the vibe of the album, luxurious melodies, jazzy trumpets swing along with the skanking beats, topped off with silky smoky vocals.

Klaus Waldeck, a former copyright lawyer is a driving force in his native Austria’s burgeoning electronica scene, Waldeck is a proponent of the Vienna Sound along with Kruder & Dorfmeister, Count Basic, Tosca and dZihan & Kamien.

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Official SiteWaldeck's place in MySpace, By Waldeck on iTunes

Categories: Austrian, Electronic, Nu-jazz