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Dec 16th, 2012 23:36pm

Top new tune from Katy B and Jessie Ware, a tribute to Aaliyah.

Categories: Dubstep
Oct 14th, 2012 22:29pm

Cuban Bass Drop

London dubstep producer Mala travelled to Havana to collaborate with traditional Cuban musicians under the guidance of world renowned music mastermind Gilles Peterson. Buena Vista Social Club goes dubstep you may think, but this album climbs new heights to deliver a truly original piece of music. This is far removed from the early trappings of dubstep, this is cuban music with earth-moving low frequency basslines. An organic feel throughout never sounds forced, instead shifting and moulding into a free flowing rhythm of epic soundscapes and alt-jazz nuances. 

Noches Sueños, the closing track really taps into the spirit of Cuban music, but it's like nothing else on the album. Guest vocalist Danay Suarez sings a Spanish lament over a powerful slow reggae bass, you can feel the melancholy longing at the core of both much traditional Cuban music and early dubstep. Stunning. Recommended.

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Categories: Dubstep, Reggae, World
Aug 26th, 2012 21:01pm

I'm only Bugg'n

Still loving the tinpot alley percussion and bass-heavy beats of this tune from TNGNT duo Glasgow's Hudson Mohawke and Montreal's Lunice.

Categories: Dubstep, Electronic
Apr 9th, 2012 00:24am

Soak up the haze

Some late night moody haze here in the shape of Brooklyn's Sepalcure from their self titled LP from last year. See Me, Feel Me samples very subtly the Who's See Me, Feel Me.

Sit back relax and enjoy.

Album on itunes

Categories: Dubstep, Electronic
Sep 30th, 2011 00:29am

Dark and Moody Zomby

Currently enjoying the latest LP Dedication from Zomby. It's been out a while now, but it definitely suited to dark evenings or early hours. This track a nice moody film score vibe, the tinkling synth sounds are reminiscent of some old seventies film soundtracks by the likes of Francis Lai, Lao Schifrin, John Barry and Nino Rota, but with a Zomby twist. A far departure from his earlier ravey stuff this is a step into Burial territory with exquisite results. Recommended.

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Categories: Chill, Dubstep, Electronic
Jul 3rd, 2011 21:22pm

Such a hurricane trapped in my soul and I can't explain!

London's SBTRKT album drops this week. Full of solid tunes, SBTRKT (real name Aaron Jerome) tries out lots of different styles and succeeds most of the time on his eponymous debut. Your probably already familiar with hit tune Wildfire, a collaboration with Little Dragon. But that's not the strongest song on here, Pharaohs is outstanding featuring the blindingly impermeable vocals of Roses Gabor. There will be the inevitable James Blake comparisons with guest vocalist Sampha almost identical soulful croon on the haunting Trial of the Past and Hold On. And sounding more up beat on Something Goes Right. But overall this is much more of an up-beat record than the somber minimalism of Blake. It's full of energy mixing up dubstep, drum & bass, garage, funk and soul, R'n'B and nuances of Chicago House with a killer pop sensibility. Instrumental Ready Set Loop is fully charged with intricate skipping rhythms, as is the uplifting Never Never and features another highlight vocal performance from Sampha. Right Thing To Do feat. Jessie Ware is another outstanding tune. Do not let this one pass you by, go get it! Highly Recommended.

Buy it on iTunes, sbtrkt.com

Categories: Dubstep, Electronic, House, Pop, Soul
Jun 21st, 2011 00:37am

Out in the Street it's murder!

Mark Pritchard and Steve Spacek, the two producers who comprise Africa Hitech are still cutting it. Out In The Street is relentless, referencing dancehall history while cleverly tweaking its bleep-riddled rhythms into a classic of alien ragga. Africa Hitech's debut full-length, 93 Million Miles is out now.

Africa Hitech have described themselves as being about an 'ism', an African connection between rhythm and machine. Running through everything they do is a vibe that exceeds genre, a captivating fusion of Pritchard and Spacek's musical sensibilities.

Love the cover art for this too...


Categories: Dubstep, Electronic
Mar 6th, 2011 21:32pm

Another excellent tune from Jamie Woon, following on from brilliant Night Air. Woon's choice of beats really set him apart from the mainstream. I keep hearing Lady Luck out and about and every time I'm hooked by the catchy rhythm. Woon's soulful voice has unique clarity and sound a little like Terence Trent D'Arby at times. Jamie will be releasing his debut album on 4th April and will be playing Shepherds Bush Empire on Thursday 9 June.

Buy it on iTunes, More news on Jamie go to his website

Categories: Dubstep, Soul
Feb 19th, 2011 22:15pm

The Bends, OK Computer and Kid A, will Radiohead's new album compare with these classic LP's that we've lived with and loved through years of continued listening. Their last album, 2007's In Rainbows, was perhaps the best of Radiohead's later releases, so now we have The King of Limbs. Lead track Lotus Flower (complete with low-budget video of Thom dancing) slowly penetrates the sub-conscious like all classic Radiohead songs, and gets better with every listen. And that's what Radiohead do best, creating tunes that grow and mature over time. The King of Limbs is no exception, it's another captivating record that you have to listen to intently over time to truly appreciate the architecture of the expertly crafted music. With eight tracks spanning 37 minutes, The King of Limbs is surprisingly short – but it's also typically rich with leftfield electronic texture akin to Burial and Flying Lotus mixed with a Pink Floyd trippiness. It has a late night post-dubstep ambient feel thats perfectly chilled and engaging.

I don't think they have pushed any major musical boundaries here, but it still captures the high quality of a band in their prime. After a few listen's this track, Separator (which closes the album) is one that fills you with the satisfaction you've come to expect from Thom Yorke and co. I'm gonna give it a few more listen before I pass final judgement, but I know it will mature like a fine wine to be enjoyed and savoured again and again. All we need now is Jamie xx to do the remixed version!

Like this? Try: James Blake, Flying Lotus, The xx

Dec 16th, 2010 00:41am

A touching torch song, this Burial co-produced tune is amazing. Jamie Woon's croon is haunting but soulful and caresses Burials dark beats. The production on this tune is incredible, listening on headphones the sound completely captivating. There are many remixes around now which, if heard alone still sound fresh and amazing, specially Ramadanman and Deadboy remixes. But I still come back to the original version as the definitive, it's the only version that keeps all the good bits, and that's all of it. Tune of the year contender, highly recommended.

Buy it on iTunes, Official site

Categories: Dubstep
Oct 29th, 2010 00:01am

Love this track right now. Darkstar, the dubstep band of lead singer James Buttery joining production/writing team of James Young and Aiden Ahalley. Best known for the previous downtempo dub tune Aidy's girl is a computer, but this album is nothing much like that although it is included. The rest of the selection is a much more sophisticated affair with lush harmonies, gentle piano flourishes and elegant guitars. Sounding like a dubstep version of Sebastian Tellier with squelches and glitches. Dear Heartbeat reminds me of Sebastian Telliers Roche (From Sexuality LP), a beautifully tender tune with a chilling organ. Gold is an outstanding track, a reworking of The Human Leagues' You Remind Me of Gold. (from the Mirror Man EP) Dark tunes for a late night. RECOMMENDED

Like this? try: Sebastian Tellier, Flying Lotus, Floating Points, James Blake, Joy Orbison

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Categories: Dubstep, Electronic
Oct 8th, 2010 01:49am

Dubstep supergroup Artwork, Benga and Skream may have been accused of selling-out, but when the tunes are this good i don't give a shit. Katy B is a star on this tune. This remix version by Benga strips it back to the bare essentials.

A bit mainstream for neoloop? Nah! we just like good music, and this is whizzing up the charts!

Nice typography on the cover by Non-Format too!

Official site, Buy it on iTunes

Categories: Dubstep
Dec 27th, 2009 16:36pm

Very much a tune of the year, Garage/dubstep hybrid Hyph Mngo has been filling dance floors all over. Epic atmospheric, intricate drum patterns and soaring samples.

But it on iTunes, Joy place in MySpace


Categories: Dubstep, Electronic