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Jul 21st, 2013 23:15pm

Carnival Punk

A collision course of a tune this, dripping in funk with a punk attitude, there is a carnival spirit that runs through much of Melt Yourself Down's self titled debut LP. An acquired taste for some perhaps, this music is not meant to be taken lightly, it's an all or nothing affair that completely takes over. The carnival punk of We Are Enough is bonkers but infectious. 

Take it for spin on iTunes

Categories: Funk, Nu-jazz, Punk
Apr 15th, 2012 19:02pm

Grooves like a bastard

Brooklyn's The Men latest long player Open Your Heart is a refreshing burst of melodic leftfield, expansive rock and distortion. Sometimes full on, sometimes it's just weird but always entertaining. It goes from Nirvana grunge to Fucked up's (the band) psychedelic noise via fat Led Zeppelinesque riffarama! It's also has some off kilter alt-country in Candy, a song of beauty. Cube is like an old Dammed song played by Soundgarden that slaps you in the face and nicks your beer leaving you dazed and confused. Title track Open Your Heart sounds like a 2012 version of Ever fallen in love? by The Buzzcocks.

I keep coming back to this album and it's definitely going to feature in the albums of the year come December.


Like this? Try: The Dammed, The Buzzcocks, Soundgarden, Foo Fighters

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Jul 5th, 2011 00:13am

Well Fucked up!

Epic and Punk are not two words you would normally use in the same sentence. Enter Fucked Up a punk band that have made epic-punk! It gets pretty heavy clocking in at 78 minutes, both captivating rock opera and relentless assault of loud riffage that grooves like a bastard. First single off it A Little Death gives you a pretty good flavour of what to expect.

It's a stunning record in it's entirety and forms a complex plot - The story of David Comes to Life is about a factory worker called David Eliade who falls in love with a woman named Veronica Boisson and together they conspire to build a bomb. There's few guest vocalists sprinkled into the mix, Cults' Madeline Follin and singer/songwriter Jennifer Castle representing the characters Veronica and Vivian - the story is largely told by the band's screaming frontman, Damien Abraham. It's a complex LP but if you devote the time to it and give it good few listens you will reap the rewards - It really is Fucked Up!

David Comes to Life is out now!

Categories: Leftfield, Punk