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Apr 25th, 2011 18:03pm

Been listening to the new album from Panda Bear (aka Noah Lennox) a lot this week, Tomboy is his fourth solo album, it's such complex record, The Beach Boys harmonies are layered and twisted and dive in and out of the layered sea of complexities, constantly moving and filtering through your ears. The many layers only compel the listener into a timeless state enriched in sound. Surfer's Hymn was a single last summer and defines the LP quite well, setting the tone throughout. I love how the sea waves crashing on the shore build-up into a cacophony of musical and natural sounds.  This is surely the best old to come from one of the Animal Collective members since Merriweather Post Pavilion. Experimental but essential music for the aficionado. Recommended.

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Apr 25th, 2011 12:40pm

A beautiful song from the epic spaghetti western sound that is Rome.

Rome is a collaboration between Brian Burton (aka Danger Mouse) and Italian composer extraordinaire Daniele Luppi, with guest vocalists Jack White and  Norah Jones.  Five years in the making and recorded at Rome's Forum studios, a converted church that once played host to composers such as Ennio Morricone, Piero Umiliani and Bruno Nicolai. The whole album was recorded straight to tape with vintage equipment and features contributions from musicians who featured on spaghetti western scores such as The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, and Once Upon a Time in the West.

The album is due for release next month, find out more here.


Apr 24th, 2011 21:30pm

The Beastie Boys are back!

The first single from Beastie Boys new album Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 is Make Some Noise. Their new album releases May 3rd 2011.

Classic tune, back to their retro sound that I loved on Paul's Boutique.

Categories: Hip Hop
Apr 21st, 2011 01:06am

Heard this brand new track from French duo Amélie & Quarles aka Jupiter on the latest André & Gildas Présentent Kitsuné Parisien compilation, which is all good and all banging. This tune reminds me of CSS (Where have they gone?!) a full on electropop retro jam. Shake shake baby!

Categories: Electronic, Pop
Apr 21st, 2011 00:56am

Pantha Du Prince released one of last year’s best electronic albums, Black Noise. Now just out is XI Versions of Black Noise - a collection of remixed tracks from the already brilliant LP from the likes of Four Tet, Hieroglyphic Being, The Sight Below and Animal Collective (whose Panda Bear featured on the album). This is my pick of the bunch so far with Four Tet's rework of my favourite track from the original release. Four Tet adds that hypnotic vibe he does so well and turns it into monster of a tune. 

Great cover too, simple abstract shapes with classic typography.


Categories: Electronic
Apr 18th, 2011 00:59am

Been listening to this LP - House of Balloons from The Weeknd… all weekend. It's available as a free download. Apparently so they don't have to clear the samples. It's getting rave reviews all over the web, and rightly so. Being billed as alt/indie r&b - it's soulful and raw, an original sound that will surely find it's way to a major release somewhere down the line. It's very much in the same vien as Jamie Woon's debut too.

What you need is a sultry moody groove, House Of Balloons - Glass Table Girls is an epic that goes from classy pop to dirty beats. Opening track High For This has a quiet buzz and a pounding slow rhythm that builds with intensity and explodes into a cascade of percussion. Go get this LP, it's free - what you got to lose. RECOMMENDED

Download the complete album here on their own website the-weeknd.com


Apr 17th, 2011 23:58pm

After dropping the collaboration with Thom Yorke and Kieran Hebden earlier last month, Burial is back with a three track EP - Street Halo, his first solo material in 4 years, on Kode 9's Hyperdub, Could there be a 3rd LP around the corner. The sound is unmistakable Burial and is another triumph for electronic music. His sound is always streets ahead and this is as fresh as anything he's ever done. Street Halo casts a dark relentlessly brutal beat with ethereal voices and organs intwined throughout. Top draw from the master producer. Roll on the next LP.

Apr 16th, 2011 00:54am

There's not much to say about Primal Scream's Screamadelica that hasn't been said already. The Scream's third album from 1991 now celebrating a 20th anniversary (and has been repackaged in a deluxe remastered bumper set). I still listen to this album regularly and never get bored of it. Damaged, in contrast to most tracks, has a slow tempo, sparse percussion, acoustic guitar and piano accompanying  Bobby Gillespie's vocals. A beautiful moment in the record and just a timeless classic that stands the test of time. Can't believe its 20 year old.

Certainly one of the most iconic record sleeves ever seen, such a simple graphic. The "psychedelic sunburst" design was created by Paul Cannell - the in-house artist at Creation Records - who died in 2005.


Apr 16th, 2011 00:24am

The prolific and influential Lee Scratch Perry has some new material floating about. The upsetter releases new LP Rise Again on 10th May, a long-awaited collaboration with New York-based producer Bill Laswell. This tune features vocals from TV On The Radio's Tunde Adebimpe, a polished production, but Perry brings everything down to earth with his eccentric stylings. An absolute legend, now the grand old age of 75.

The diverse line-up joining the king of ad-lib on this new LP includes vocalists Tunde Adebimpe, Gigi Shibabaw (whose Mesgana Ethiopia was released last year) and Hawkman (Method Of Defiance); P-Funk legend Bernie Worrell (keyboards); Peter Apfelbaum (tenor sax & flute); Steven Bernstein (trumpet); Josh Werner (bass); and Hamid Drake (drums).

Says Laswell, “It's a real production, and really conscious of bringing out Lee Perry. It's his presence that keeps this thing moving. Is the whole idea crazy? That's part of what makes it worth doing."


Categories: Reggae
Apr 16th, 2011 00:05am

Wake Up Everybody!!!

Listening to some classic soul tonight, this tune is such an epic piece of music. Wake Up Everybody is performed by Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, with Teddy Pendergrass singing lead vocals, the title track from their 1975 album on the Philadelphia International record label (the group's fourth). Written by the team of Carstarphen, McFadden, and Whitehead. The album also featured the massive hit single Don't Leave Me This Way. A great album from beginning to end.

Back in 2001 Rae and Christian covered this socially conscious song on their Sleepwalking album, with vocals by the supreme Bobby Womack, also a cracking version of song.

Buy it on iTunes

Categories: Soul
Apr 13th, 2011 00:26am

This mellow little groover oozes sunshine from every note. Swaying melody over a rolling beat with lazy hazy sweet voice of Steffaloo while it chops, clicks and glitchs to a sudden cut. Billy Comfort is a bit of an unknown other than a bandcamp page here.

The vocal talents of Steffaloo feature in her own music on bandcamp to here.

Apr 12th, 2011 00:24am

How will I know that you'll save me? Your little hands are getting shaky, It is time to let the light seep From behind your eyes, Then I'll know my night survives…

The brilliant new album from Bibio is out this week! - Mind Bokeh

It's a tough choice to find a favourite tune off this eclectic mix of songs, I've already given you the kitsch sound of K is for Kelson last month. Right now the tune that's wearing out the repeat button is Light Seep. Mind Bokeh is the fifth full-length from LP from Stephen Wilkinson, a.k.a. Bibio, and his second release on Warp Records following up the equally superb Ambivalence Avenue.

Bibio slowly wowed the underground electronic music scene with the sunny synth-pop of Ambivalence Avenue, a unique blend of crafted instrumentals and folktronica in 2009. Critical Acclaim pushed the album into many 'best of the year' album charts. With that record behind him Bibio has triumphed again with Mind Bokeh. It's another complete mash of musical styles, chucking in obscure samples that sound completely spontaneous yet you know it been meticulously constructed. There are all sorts of modern influences here, Four Tet, Gaslamp Killer, DJ Shadow and Neon Indian spring to mind. But he's also blending in a mixed bag of retro sounds liquefying genres into timeless hybrid songs. Pretentious uses jangly funk and beautiful harps with a soulful vocal creating an new angle on glick-pop before deconstructing into a mellow saxophone demise. Anything New starts as sunny sing-a-long pop and effortlessly transforms into a synth driven monster with mad distorted vocal samples. Light Seep is a pure bliss of psychedelic synths and funk. Artists' Valley sounds like a missing track from Four Tets last LP, but with added vocals from Wilkinson. Highlights are plentiful on this record and it captivates from beginning to end, how many albums can you say that about nowadays! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! Not bad for an album entirely recorded in a bedroom, in a terraced house, in Wolverhampton.

Buy it now on iTunes


Apr 9th, 2011 00:24am

Love this lazy little tune from Baltimore duo Wye Oak aka Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack. An alt-pop chilled and wondering shoegaze kinda sound. Sits very nicely next to fellow Baltimore favs Beach House. There's a bit more scuzzed up guitar and dirty blues riffs and alt-folk on the rest of the record, reminiscent of The Black Keys in part specially on Dogs Eyes. Their new, third album Civillian is out now and mixes up a variety of influences from My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, Sonic Youth to The Dirty Projectors and The Low Anthem.

The Alter shimmers with sunlight and dream-pop on bright summers day.

Buy it on iTunes