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Feb 15th, 2014 18:51pm
 Broken Bells: After the Disco


The Shins' James Mercer formed Broken Bells four years ago with producer Brian Burton, aka maverick producer Danger Mouse and following their relatively successful eponymous debut they have ignited the project with a new LP After the Disco. It's a little mixed bag much like the first LP, having produced landmark albums for Gorillaz, Beck and The Black Keys, collaborations with Cee-Lo Green on Gnarls Barkley project and DangerDoom with MF Doom, not to mention his reinvention of Jay Z's Black Album, Danger Mouse's CV is undoubtedly extremely impressive so you expect a high level of quality across all 11 tracks. James Mercer too has been very successful with his day job with the release of The Shins' 2012 LP Port of Morrow.

The sophomore album all kicks off brightly enough opening with the mellow pop of Perfect World. This is followed by the LP's title track After The Disco which is probably the best piece of pop your likely to hear this side of Empire of the Sun and with it's catchy chorus you can see why the track takes the name of the LP.

First single Holding on For Life quickly follows, another great song with Bee Gees style falsettos. Leave me alone and Control sound like the Black Keys mellower moments in a good way. Medicine has a great melody and No Matter What You're Told is another nice psych-pop tune, the record then tails off a bit after that. 7/10 Recommended.

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Categories: Alternative, Pop
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